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How To Grow Your Hair Faster: An Expert Guide

hair growth

From nourishing the lengths you have to boost hair growth from within, here’s how it’s done.

Waiting for your hair to grow can feel like a never-ending task. We all know regular trims are key, even though they seem counterintuitive. ‘Regular trims minimize breakage,’ says hair stylist to the stars Larry King, a 1cm trim could save you two inches worth of breakage, meaning your route to longer hair will be less obstructed by brittle and split ends in the long run.’ Duly noted. As for hacks that stand to accelerate hair growth, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Fortunately, Grazia has a team of pros on hand to dispel widely-perpetuated myths and steer you toward the truth.

If you’re looking for the best ways to help your hair grow faster, consider this your 101.

Can a deep conditioner make my hair grow faster?

When the temperatures plummet outside, our hair feels it. Why? Because the cold strips our scalp of essential moisture, and this can sometimes inhibit growth. Want longer lengths? Nourishing our hair and scalp’s moisture levels back to plentiful is key. ‘Incorporate a sealant oil into your hair regimen to nourish your strands, regularly’ says hairstylist Cyndia Harvey. ‘We’re talking avocado oil, argan oil, even olive oil and safflower oil. Use it as a deep conditioner, saturating your hair from root to tip every so often.’ Leave on for a couple of hours or overnight before washing out with your regular shampoo.

Can hair supplements really make my hair grow faster?

Our hair is made up of keratin – a tough protein – but it can easily become weak and damaged through heat styling, coloring, and UV exposure, all of which can lead to brittle lengths and stop your hair from getting longer at the usual rate. Your hair will still grow, but because your dry ends are likely to break prematurely, it will take a lot longer for that growth to become apparent. To that end it makes sense to make a play for keratin in supplement form, to strengthen your hair and ward off breakage. ‘The first supplement I recommend to help with hair growth is one containing good quality proteins,’ says renowned nutritionist Kristen Stavridis, ‘although we can get protein from food, many of us do not eat enough of it on a daily basis so powders that top up your keratin levels regularly can be extremely useful when it comes to filling the gap.’ ‘Not consuming enough protein can slow down hair growth,’ continues Stavridis, ‘and lead to brittle, dry, and thin hair. Biotin also has been shown to help boost hair growth and improve hair strength when taken consistently. Lastly, zinc can also help with thicker hair.’

Does head massage help boost hair growth?

It might seem whimsical but yes, scalp massage really can help boost hair growth. How? Massaging your scalp helps to boost blood flow and circulation to the hair follicles and roots, all of which can increase hair growth. A 2019 study even found that regular head massages increase hair thickness. According to the study, it stretched the hair follicles, which led to them producing thicker hair.

How can managing stress help my hair to grow?

Easier said than done, we know, but limiting stress can help your hair to grow. Stress throws our entire body out of whack. Our hormones fluctuate and even our hair growth cycle suffers. The more stressed you are, the higher your hair fall, so being aware of your stress levels and trying to manage them accordingly can pay dividends when it comes to hair growth, not to mention your overall wellness. As a first step, try reserving at least ten minutes a day for self-care, whether that means hitting play on an app-based breath work session, reading a few chapters of your current book, running a bath, or even picking up the phone to a friend. Whatever helps you relax.

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