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Iceland slashes veg to just 1p in the supermarket price war – but there’s a catch

MAJOR supermarket Iceland is selling vegetables for just a penny, but shoppers need to be quick.

It comes after several other supermarkets slashed the price of their vegetables ahead of Christmas.

Iceland is selling vegetables for a penny

Now, Iceland is the latest store to cut the prices of its veg as part of its Festive Penny Sale – but there is a catch.

Shoppers have just today, December 21, to take advantage of the deals.

And you can only get the offer if you place an order online.

Once you’ve added your chosen veg to your basket, customers will need to enter “THREEVEG” at checkout and three items will decrease to a penny each.

You won’t be able to get more than three items of vegetables for 1p.

You’ll need to spend a minimum of £40 to qualify for free delivery, so if you’ve still got to get food for Christmas Day, it might be worth it.

But Iceland is currently only offering free delivery over £40 for those who book a slot for the next day.

When The Sun tried to place an order with Iceland, the supermarket was charging £4 for an order two days in advance, £6 for three days and £8 for four days.

Here’s the full list of veg shoppers can get for 1p:

  • Iceland 300g Closed Cup Mushrooms
  • Iceland 800g Garden Peas
  • Iceland 600g Carrots
  • Iceland 600g Baby Salad Potato
  • Iceland 900g Button Sprouts
  • Iceland 700g Onions
  • Iceland 400g Broccoli
  • Iceland 800g Cauliflower Floret
  • Iceland 725g Mixed Vegetables
  • Iceland 400g Mash Potato
  • Iceland 3pk White Onions
  • Iceland 3pk Red Onions
  • Iceland 780g Very Fine Whole Green Beans
  • Iceland 900g Stew Pack
  • Iceland 600g Petit Pois Peas
  • Iceland Savoy Green Cabbage
  • Iceland 125g Button Mushrooms
  • Iceland 500g Mini Corn Cobs
  • Iceland 600g Super sweet Sweetcorn
  • Iceland 900g Sliced Green Beans
  • Iceland 160g Green Beans
  • Iceland 250g Chestnut Mushroom
  • Iceland 160g Kale
  • Iceland 800g Casserole Vegetables
  • Iceland 250g Large Flat Mushrooms
  • Iceland 650g Sliced Mixed Pepper
  • Iceland 500g Diced Onions
  • Iceland 550g Fresh Parsnips

Other supermarkets have also cut the prices of their vegetables.

German retailer Aldi is slashing the price of its “Super Six” veggies, including carrots and white potatoes.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s is also reducing the price of a number of its veg products, including Brussels sprouts and parsnips.

Lidl customers can also get veggies for as little as 19p.

You’ll have to head out to your nearest store to get them though as they don’t offer home deliveries nor a click and collect service.

How else can I save on my supermarket shop?

Beyond nabbing cheap veggies, there are a number of other ways you can cut the costs of your Christmas shopping this year.

You can always try and keep a lookout for yellow or red stickers on products.

Supermarket staff put these on to show that an item has been reduced.

Bear in mind though, if the food is fresh you’ll have to eat it fast, or freeze it to have another time, as it’s usually reduced because it’s close to its use-by date.

Try making a list too – that’ll stop you from making any rash payments next time you’re out shopping and will save you money too.

Or, you might want to go for supermarket own-brands as it could save you hundreds over a year.

That means going for “own” or “value” type products instead of “finest” or “luxury” lines.

Plenty of supermarkets run wonky veg and fruit schemes as well where you can get cheap prices if they’re misshapen or imperfect.

For example, Lidl runs its Waste Not scheme offering boxes of 5kg of fruit and vegetables for just £1.50.

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