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I’m Britain’s best complainer – I’ve won back thousands including £883 from British Gas and here’s how you can too

YOU could win back thousands of pounds in cash you think you’re owed if you use certain methods, says Britain’s best complainer.

Rosalinde, 77, has won back money from companies including British Gas before, and she reckons there are three steps to help you do the same.

Here are the methods you should consider if you want to claim money back from somewhere

With inflation at a 41-year high, many are looking to keep as much cash in their pockets as possible.

And although there are grants and schemes at large to help us claim financial support, we often feel like we’re owed cash back too.

Rosalinde is no stranger to that feeling – she told This Morning she’d previously reclaimed:

  • £203 back from BT because it cut off her landline service
  • £658 from Warwickshire County Council after disputing a £30 parking fine her husband was handed
  • And £883 from the British Gas boiler repair scheme for bad service

Here are the three steps she recommends taking in order to successfully claim money back from companies.

Keep a record of your complaint

Rosalinde says you should contact the company you’re seeking cash back from, and make sure you have a record of it.

She says: “The common excuse is ‘Oh, well, we didn’t receive it.’ So have proof of postage.”

She also urges that you give them 28 days to reply: “That’s only fair and reasonable, taking into account bank holidays and what have you.”

Take it to small claims court

Rosalinde says if you don’t get a satisfactory response, you should grant them another 14 days to sort the issue before going to small claims court.

She says: “It’s very simple. The whole legal system for small claims is designed to be simple.

“You’ve got to write a standard 14-day letter – if you do not pay up or do not put things right within the date of this letter, proceedings will be issued in a county court.

She notes that if it’s a money claim, it’ll automatically transfer to the money claims centre in Salford, but it should go back to your local court if it goes to trial.

Wait for a reply

Rosalinde says: “If you’ve issued proceedings, and they don’t reply, you look at the date the court has given.

“When it’s past that date – if there is no reply, no offer of payment – you ask for judgement to be entered.”

She urged: “You’ve got to patient which is why it’s very important to keep your receipts, keep your evidence, keep your contracts.

“Don’t throw anything away.”

Other tips when claiming back cash

Considering the cost of living crisis, it’s good to note all the rules claiming back cash on bills and subscription services, to make sure you get back as much as possible.

For example, if you want to cancel any contract, there are certain terms and conditions you should know.

First of all, consider why you’re cancelling it. Normally, it’s either:

  • To leave a contract early to avoid a penalty
  • To receive a refund for a contract you paid for in advance but no longer want

For whatever reason you’re cancelling, you’ll only get money back if you clearly state why the firm hasn’t met your expectations.

And according to the Consumer Contract Regulations, you’ll normally get a full refund when you cancel within 14 days of starting a new subscription.

You can also expect a refund back if:

  • Goods aren’t ‘satisfactory’ or as up to standard as you thought
  • Something is faulty
  • You don’t think your purchase will last a reasonable length of time

And remember to always check your bank account to make sure there are no bills that you don’t recognise.

You can read more details about the rules when claiming money back for bills and subscriptions in our guide here.

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