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How to get 5kg of Lidl veg for £1.50

LIDL shoppers can bag themselves a five kilo box of fruit and veg for just £1.50.

The discount supermarket sells bundles of imperfect produce due to be chucked out through its Waste Not scheme.

Lidl shoppers can get five kilo boxes of fruit and veg for £1.50

The German retailer started trialling the bargain boxes in 2019 before rolling out the scheme to its 11,550 stores.

It’s been running since then.

Other supermarkets have launched their own wonky veg initiatives to reduce waste and offer customers cheaper produce as well.

Asda, Aldi and Morrisons all relaxed quality specifications on some fruit and veg in 2018 to ensure less stock goes to waste.

It comes as the cost of living soars for millions with energy and food prices soaring.

Many households could use the Lidl scheme to save on their weekly shop.

What’s in the box?

The contents of your bargain box will vary each time as each bundle is put together on the day by Lidl’s in-store “freshness specialists”.

They pick out damaged, discoloured or deteriorated items which are still good to eat.

Produce you might find in the box includes tomatoes, bananas, courgettes, and aubergines.

The items change day-to-day depending on what’s on the shelves, so shoppers can’t pick what goes into each bundle.

But this means customers are at least guaranteed variety in their box, which is great for switching up meals.

Lidl’s website gives its shoppers a helping hand with cooking instructions for items commonly included in the bundles.

In recent days, shoppers have taken to social media to share their delight at bagging the five kilo boxes for just £1.50.

One in Dundee, Scotland, said: “I’ve had a big pot of homemade soup and now this stewed apple and pear crumble out of the £1.50 box in Lidl’s yesterday with plenty left over.

“My old Ma who was a school dinner lady would be proud.”

Meanwhile, one Londoner said: “Popped into Lidl and bought one of their £1.50 fruit and veg boxes and wow!!

“I got three bags of bananas as well as all the food below….. two packs of blueberries for brekkie with the bananas and the veg will make curry and soup.”

How to find them?

The boxes aren’t available all day, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

When in stock, the goods will be up for grabs from opening until midday. 

After 12pm, the remaining boxes are given to local charities through Lidl’s surplus food programme, Feed it Back.

Where in store you’ll find your bargain box will vary, so it’s worth asking a staff member if you can’t see them.

But note, availability varies, and not all stores will have them.

Asda’s discounted veg boxes sell for £3.50 as well, meaning you could save around £2 by grabbing Lidl’s one instead.

In other news, Lidl shoppers are snapping up a £12.99 Lidl Christmas decoration.

Plus, the retailer is bringing back a sellout air fryer.

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1 Comment

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