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Major supermarket makes big change at checkouts – and shoppers are not happy about it

SHOPPERS have noticed a big change at a major supermarket and they are not impressed.

People have posted on social media about systems at Sainsbury’s stores that requires you to scan your receipt before you leave.

Sainsbury’s have introduced new receipt scanners at self checkouts

The scanners are at the exits of self-checkout areas in certain shops.

It means that shoppers have to provide proof of purchase in order to leave.

Twitter users are not happy about the change with some calling it an “insult”.

One wrote: “I’ve been loyal to Sainsbury’s for 30 years. Now it stops.

“How dare you insult me, by scanning receipts to leave.

“Not even the discounters to this. No warning, no instore signage and it doesnt work, my receipt had to be reprinted.

“Farewell you untrusting store.”

Another said: “So it appears that Sainsbury’s Redhill no longer trust you and a till receipt is required to get out of till areas.

“Not only do they expect you to do your own bagging & own till work for free, they want you to prove you have done it!”

One man Tweeted: “In Sainsbury’s just now I had to scan my receipt to get out; an appalling way to treat customers!”

Others have shared photos of the new scanners.

Some shoppers are concerned because they regularly don’t take their receipts at the self-check out tills.

Sainsbury’s told The Sun this is not a new measure and it features in a “small number of stores” at the self-service checkout areas.

The supermarket isn’t the first retailer to introduce a measure like this.

Ikea and Costco all require you to scan your receipt so you can leave the shop.

Some people on Twitter also reported that their local Morrisons has the same scanners.

Recently, Primark launched self-checkout tills at a number of stores too.

Doors in these areas don’t open unless you have your receipt.

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