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McDonald’s is making a major change to menus with a spicy addition this week

MCDONALD’S is making a major change to its menus this week with the addition of something spicy.

The fast food giant is adding a new “big flavour” wrap, which will be called “the Spicy Sriracha Chicken One”.

McLovers can get their hands on this new wrap from January 4

Food lovers will pay £3.29 for just the wrap or for £6.49 as a meal, though prices can vary depending on location.

It’ll be made with either crispy chicken breast or grilled chicken and then spicy sriracha sauce, cucumber, slivered onions, and lettuce, in a soft toasted wrap.

Though a warning to you all – the new wrap is said to be extra spicy.

The “too hot to miss” wrap will launch online and in restaurants from January 4.

But, like all good things that come to an end, it’ll only be available until February 14.

McDonald’s is also revamping its menu by launching a Double McPlant burger to its menu – and it will be available in all restaurants from January 4.

The burger features two Beyond Meat patties, a vegan sesame bun, mustard, ketchup, vegan sandwich sauce, fresh onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese.

When The Sun taste tested the McPlant burger, we found it tasted just like a quarter pounder with cheese.

If you buy the burger as part of a meal, you will also get a choice of soft drink and a side – such as a portion of fries or a salad.

In addition to the new wrap and burger, McDonald’s will also be bringing back these favourites:

  • Cheesy Garlic Bites £2.29
  • Cheesy Garlic Bites Sharebox £6.29
  • Aero Peppermint McFlurry / Aero Chocolate McFlurry £1.79
  • Aero Peppermint McFlurry / Aero Chocolate McFlurry Mini £0.99

The fast food giant will stop serving items from the Christmas menu on January 3.

The items include:

  • Big Tasty – £5.29 on its own or £6.89 as a meal
  • Big Tasty with bacon – £5.89 on its own or £7.49 as a meal
  • Cheese Melt Dippers – £2.29
  • Cheese Melt Dippers Sharebox – £5.99
  • Celebrations McFlurry – £1.79 for regular
  • Festive Pie – £1.29

In July, McDonald’s revealed it would be adding up to 20p to a number of menu items.

The much-loved 99p cheeseburger increased in price for the first time in 14 years, and now costs £1.19.

How do I find my nearest McDonald’s?

If you’re planning on taking a trip to McDonald’s, you’ll want to know where your nearest branch is.

The chain has a restaurant locator tool on its website you can use to find your nearest one – and check what time it opens.

Bear in mind that McDonald’s serves breakfast every day until 11am.

After that, the menu switches to the normal menu serving meals such as burgers, chicken nuggets and more.

How can I save on my McDonald’s order?

There are plenty of ways you can save on your next trip to McDonald’s.

You should choose your branch wisely – menu prices can vary across different restaurants just a couple of miles apart.

We’ve seen Big Mac meals up to 30p cheaper before, which added up over the course of a year could save you a fair few pounds.

You can also get freebies on your birthday if you’ve got the My McDonald’s app.

Remember to log your date of birth on the app though, otherwise you’ll miss out.

You can get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99 as well if you fill out the quick feedback survey following your last visit.

All you’ll need is your receipt which should have been issued no more than 60 days after your visit.

A 12-digit code will be printed on the proof of purchase and then you can enter the McDonald’s Food for Thought website to fill out a quick survey.

For the full list of tips, you can read our guide here.

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