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I’m a money saving expert – here’s a simple hack to dry washing in winter without using any extra energy

THE cost-of-living crisis has resulted in people turning to odd ways to save money where they can, and one woman has revealed a clever way to save money on drying laundry.

Chloe runs a TikTok account focused on ways to get the best deals when money is tight, and has almost 300,000 followers.

Chloe shares countless money-saving tips with her followers
The money-saving guru grinned as she demonstrated the technique

Chloe shared a genius way to dry wet clothes during cold winter months without using up any extra energy.

In the video, she said: “Grab your clothes airer, and pop it next to a radiator.”

After doing that, place a bed sheet over the clothes airer and “tuck it in like a tent”, she explains: “Whenever you have your heating on, it’s going to dry your clothes for no extra cost!”

The genius video has nearly 50,000 likes and 2.4million views on the video platform.

The savvy saver also shared another tip for drying laundry with no energy: and it involves drying clothes outside.

“No matter what time of year it is, if the ground is dry, your washing will dry,” she said.

Chloe’s tip on drying laundry is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a heated clothes airer, which can have price tags of up to £99.

Some cheaper options can be found, like this one at Home Bargains, but are hard to come by and sell out quickly.

The tip is helpful to those who traditionally dry clothes on the radiator alone – which can be dangerous.

Rebecca Bebbington, a consumer expert at NetVoucherCodes, says that the radiator technique actually causes clothes to take longer to dry as there is more dampness in the air.

It can also result in radiators heating your home less efficiently.

The technique dries laundry at no extra cost
This heated rack from Glamhaus has a price tag of £124
Heated drying racks like this can cost up to £99 on sites like Amazon

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