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M&S removes plastic from its Christmas wrapping paper – but it’s left shoppers divided

RETAIL giant M&S has removed all plastic from its Christmas wrapping paper in an effort to go green.

The move has left some shoppers “unbelievably angry” and sparked intense debate among customers online.

M&S have removed plastic from their wrapping paper in an attempt to go green

The new range includes a woodland themed wrapping set for £6.50 and a luxury wrapping paper and accessory pack for £8.

Many have praised the quality of the paper, but some have said it tears when you rip off the recyclable stickers that hold the roll together.

Critics say this leaves customers with an unusable section of the paper, although M&S say they have added an extra 15cm per roll to make up for this.

One reviewer said: “This wrapping paper is of very high quality but whoever manufactures it and decided to secure each roll in three sections with an adhesive band obviously didn’t undertake any testing.

“When trying to remove the adhesive bands you find they peel away in tiny pieces to the point they damage the wrapping paper and you instantly lose six to eight inches on each roll.

“This is such a shame as like I said the actual paper, whilst not cheap, is very good.”

Another agreed, writing: “Bought this wrapping paper with five ‘peel me’ stickers which were very hard to remove and kept tearing and damaging the wrapping paper.

“Wrapping paper design is lovely but the first 20cm of paper will have to be cut off.”

A named reviewer, called Morgane, said the paper made them “unbelievably angry”.

They fumed: “Started wrapping my Christmas presents this morning, using the wrapping paper I got from Marks & Spencer last month in Paris. Which made me unbelievably angry.

“It is plastic free and also ruined on half a metre because the damn stickers don’t peel off properly! What a waste!”

In a reply to Morgane, 28, the retailer said the extra 15cm should mean the same amount of usable wrap per roll as last year.

Other commenters, though, were glowing in their reviews and praised the brand for being more eco-friendly.

One happier review read: “I was very pleased to see M&S had a Christmas eco-friendly range.

“I would definitely recommend the range and buy again in future!”

M&S has been contacted for comment.

The new paper left one customer ‘unbelievably angry’

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