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I thought I was a savvy mum – I ordered my Christmas shop from Tesco but made a HUGE blunder and now feel like an idiot

A MUM was made to “feel like an idiot” after accidentally ordering her Christmas food shop four times over.

The parent added “everything” she liked the look of to her online Tesco basket with a view of deleting some of it later on.

A Tesco delivery driver dropping groceries off to a home

But by the time she had gone through the list with her partner, it was too late to make any amendments.

So the couple now have multiple trifles, yule logs, cakes, cheeseboards and joints of meat for the big day.

The parent posted on Mumsnet: “Oh no, I’ve overspent massively. I feel such an idiot.

“A few weeks ago with our Tesco order we got the pre-order food catalogue.

“It looked yummy and so I picked out what I liked the look of and put it in my basket for the Christmas delivery.

“I have been asking my [other half] to go through it and make the choices of which trifle, which cake, which meat etc. for a few days and now he’s finished work he sat down to do it last night only to find out it can’t be changed as it has already been ordered.

“The cost is horrendous but the waste is awful.

“Christmas is going to last into February at this rate.”

The couple are spending December 25 alone so had planned to buy just enough food for the two of them.

Instead, a mega order for eight people will soon be delivered to their door.

The mum, who said she “felt ill” when she realised what they had done, has been encouraged to donate the excess to a food bank.

One person commented: “At least it won’t go to waste and you’ll feel better for making someone else’s Christmas a little less hard.”

Another suggested she make room in their freezer, while a third advised Tesco might take pity on them if they explain what happened.

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