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How paying for a new fridge or tumble dryer could actually save you money

AS the colder weather hits, we are all looking for ways to cut down on household energy bills.

When it comes to buying a new fridge, cooker or tumble dryer, picking an energy-efficient appliance for the home may cost more now.

Paying up for a new appliance could actually save money on your bills

But the savings you could make on those bills could be worth the more expensive price tag – if you can afford it.

We take a look at how to buy energy efficient appliances.

LOOK OUT FOR THE LABEL: When you are buying a new appliance, check the energy label.

It tells you how much power the appliance uses, comparing it to similar makes and models.

This can quickly help you locate the appliances that use the least amount of energy.

WHAT’S THE RATING? A new rating system that ranks them from A to G was introduced in 2020.

However, many shops still sell devices evaluated under the old system, which includes A+, A++ and A+++.

Make sure you know which system is being used, to help you compare like for like.

Appliances are usually categorised by size, which is important to note when comparing.

This means that two differently-sized items with the same energy rating might use different amounts of electricity.

HOW MUCH COULD YOU SAVE? Comparison website uSwitch found that a £499 Hotpoint tumble dryer carrying an A++ rating costs £35.36 to run over the course of the year, based on two uses per week.

Meanwhile, a cheaper Hotpoint tumble dryer with a C rating, costing £259, costs £198.80 for the same amount of use.

Even though the pricier model will not save you money now, it could over the longer term.

Ben Gallizzi, who is an energy expert at Uswitch, says: “Anyone in need of a new household appliance will pay close attention to the price tag.

“But these days, it’s just as important to check the energy-efficiency label.”

FIND CHEAPEST PRICE: Once you have found the right appliance for your budget and energy efficiency needs, do not forget to compare prices.

Make sure you look for cashback too. The best sites are Topcashback and Quidco.

You should also search to see if there is a voucher code or coupon to help cut down the cost.

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