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I scooped £2.2million lottery jackpot on only my second try – I’m going to make a life-changing decision with the cash

A BRITISH hairdresser scooped a massive £2.2million jackpot after playing for only the second time in her life.

Mum-of-one Inger, 42, who lives in Dubai, had only ever dreamed of opening her own beauty salon.

Inger, 42, scooped the massive jackpot on her second try
The British mum-of-one, who lives in Dubai, won £2.2million

The lucky Brit decided to take a punt at the Mahzooz Lottery – one of the main lottery games in the UAE.

Mahzooz means “lucky” or “fortunate” in Arabic.

And Inger was stunned to find out she won a huge £2.2million in the draw.

Now she has big plans for the cash.

Inger hopes to open a hair salon with one her pals – and also have a second baby with her husband.

Inger told local media: “I want to fulfil my dream of opening a hair salon with my friend, invest for my family’s safe financial future and secure my son’s future.”

She added: “My husband and I have always wanted a second child, but dropped the plan because of how expensive school fees are.

“We will reconsider that now.”

Inger won the whopping prize in the December 10 draw after playing the Mahzooz for only the second time.

She said she chose the numbers – 22, 23, 25, 27 and 34 – at random.

Inger is the first woman to become a millionaire after playing the Mahzooz Lottery.

It comes after a car wash manager who used to earn just £330 a month scooped a massive £7million after buying a ticket on his birthday.

Kathar Hussain saved up his tips from customers to buy the winning lottery ticket.

He was on holiday in India, where his family live, when he struck lucky in the UAE’s Big Ticket Draw.

The huge £7million prize is the biggest in the competition’s 30-year history – making Kathar one of the biggest ever jackpot winners in the UAE.

He said he would split the life-changing cash with his friend Devaraj – who he collected tips with to buy the ticket.

Another lottery winner was left “shaking” after realising he made a huge mistake as he checked his £80,000 winning lottery ticket.

And another winner scooped a whopping £1.5million using the same number combination she’s used for years.

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