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Shoppers are rushing to buy Argos’s air fryer alternative that’s £70 cheaper

ARGOS is selling a cheaper air fryer alternative that cooks your food in 14 different ways.

The retailer is selling the CleverChef 14-in-1 5L Digital Multi Cooker for just £60 and shoppers are impressed.

The multi-cooker is a cheaper alternative to most air fryers

The multi-cooker is a cheaper alternative to most air fryers, which are massively popular at the moment.

It comes as people are trying to keep their energy use down in the wake of soaring bills.

Shoppers have left hundreds of glowing reviews for the cooker, which has 14 different settings including steam, fry, boil, stir fry, slow cook, fast stew and braise.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this multi cooker two weeks ago. I am very happy with my purchase.

“This multi cooker is fantastic. Lots of programmes and functions and very versatile.

“Makes cooking so easy and convenient. I would highly recommend to family and friends.”

A second wrote: “So happy with my purchase, money and space saving item.

“A great addition to any kitchen, no need to put on my large oven and cooks quicker, so far everything I have cooked is delicious.

“I would recommend the Clever Chef.”

Another woman commented how many cooking options it has, and said: “I bought this to replace my old slow cooker and so glad I did!

“One of the reasons I chose this model is that it will fit in the cupboard when not in use but I’m finding that it’s out more often because it’s so versatile.”

One of the key aspects that people love about air fryers is they use less energy.

Under the new price cap, using one for 15 minutes costs just 13p so that would be 52p for an hour.

At just 860W, the CleverChef uses 62% less energy than the average oven (2,100W).

This equates to just 29.4p an hour under the price guarantee, according to Argos.

A big difference to most air fryers is the fact that it costs just £60.

For example, the Ninja 3.8L fryer is sold at £129.99 on its website, so that’s a £69.99 saving.

Of course, there are cheaper air fryers on the market and The Sun recommends always having a look around for offers, especially with Black Friday coming up.

There are other multi-cooker options as well, most popular air fryer brands like Ninja and Tower sell multi-cooker alternatives as well.

We found a 14-in-1 7.5L cooker on the Ninja website for £249.99, so considerably more expensive than Argos’.

A cheaper alternative could be James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi-Cooker 4 Litres which is priced at £59.99 on the B&Q website.

It is always worth checking the delivery price and factoring that in when making a decision to buy.

We used Google’s shopping function to find these options and recommend doing the same to find the best deals of the week.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an air fryer, shoppers were all eager to get their hands on one in Home Bargains earlier this week.

We also had a look at how easy it would be to make Christmas dishes in an air fryer which you can see here.

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