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Shoppers have spotted a major change to the John Lewis logo – and they think it’s a hint about the Christmas advert

JOHN Lewis fans have spotted a new logo which they think could hint about the much-anticipated Christmas advert.

Eagle-eyed Brits have spotted that the retailer has uploaded a new logo on its Facebook page.

Johns Lewis updated its logo and uploaded it to Facebook yesterday morning
The new logo also features on the retailer’s website

John Lewis fans responded to the new logo online and what it could mean for this year’s ad.

One fan said: “There could possibly be a retro theme ad coming. I’m thinking 80’s or 90’s.”

Another said: “Maybe Santa is arriving by skateboard this year & not the sleigh.”

“I reckon it’ll be a remake of the snowman but instead of free flying, the lad and the snowman use a magical skateboard that flies them around.

“Think snowman meets back to the future meets Aladdin,” said another John Lewis fan.

It’s not the first time that eagle-eyed fans have spotted hints of an incoming Christmas ad.

John Lewis tweaked its logo last year only days before the retailer released its 2021 festive advert.

The retailer replaced the O in John with a star.

And that star became somewhat of a motif for last year’s ad.

But this wasn’t the only hint in last year’s advert.

The Sun reported that fans spotted two “spaceships” that crashed on UK streets – one in London’s Southbank and another in Newcastle.

In the end, the advert featured a teenage boy who met an alien named Skye who has crash-landed on earth.

For now, fans will have to wait and see if the skateboard featured in the new John Lewis logo is hinting something about the Christmas ad.

When is the John Lewis advert likely to be released this year?

From the excitable Edgar the dragon to Monty the penguin, there’s been a range of inventive adverts throughout the years.

Last year it was released earlier than ever – as it normally comes out in the second week of November – hitting screens on November 4 instead.

It was called The Unexpected Guest, and it featured a teenage boy who meets an alien named Skye who has crash-landed on earth.

In comparison, in 2020, the advert first aired on Friday, November 13.

It was inspired by random acts of kindness during lockdown – in a nod to the Covid pandemic.

Its 2019 ad, which starred Edgar the dragon, was released on November 14.

This ad was the first joint effort with John Lewis’ sister retailer Waitrose.

It followed the 2018 Elton John inspired advert, which aired on November 15 of that year.

It spanned the veteran singer’s life and showed how a gift of a piano from his grandmother helped make him the international superstar he is today.

And both the 2017 Moz the Monster and 2016 Buster the Boxer adverts came out on November 10.

We’ve rounded up all the John Lewis Christmas adverts from over the years – from 2007 to 2021.

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