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‘Superfood’ vegetable can help stave off cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s

MUSHROOMS will be the superfood fad of 2023, trendspotters are predicting.

Sales are expected to rocket as the health-conscious switch in their droves to a fungus-based diet.

Mushrooms will be the superfood fad of 2023, trendspotters are predicting

Supplements, extracts and drinks made from mushrooms are also forecast to boom in popularity.

Advocates say they help stave off serious diseases, even including cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

The prediction comes from health shop chain Holland & Barrett in a report identifying next year’s wellness trends.

Mushrooms top the list because of the growing popularity of vegan diets in which they are a crucial meat substitute.

Duckweed, the small floating plant which forms a carpet across ponds and water butts, is also touted as a future superfood.

It is said to be full of proteins, vitamins and nutrients and apparently tastes like a nutty spinach.

Sleep syncing — tracking your rest and following a sleep schedule with the help of technology — is also predicted to become the wellness trend of the year.

Sea moss, collagen and CBD were the biggest fads this year.

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