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We tested all of the UK’s supermarket Christmas dinners and found the cheapest offers – here’s who came out on top

THERE’S something jolly for your trolley this week as supermarkets slash prices of Christmas groceries.

With just six sleeps to go until the big day, prices are plummeting on festive favourites as big stores battle to win your custom.

We surveyed 19 Christmas dinner items or their nearest equivalents across Britain’s most popular stores to find the cheapest

But where is best for a cut-price Christmas?

We’ve done the hard work to help you navigate the price wars, totting up the costs of Christmas dinner ingredients from a range of the most popular stores.

And while Lidl and Aldi have a reputation as the budget retailers, we found that for your total shop, Tesco is the cheapest.

We surveyed 19 Christmas dinner items or their nearest equivalents.

At Tesco, a festive shopping list coming in at £34.87, or £5.81 per head, based on a family of six.

Our survey found every supermarket has great deals this year.

The cheapest turkey is Tesco at £4 per kg, based on a 2kg bird.

But Morrisons has the cheapest Brussels sprouts at 33p for 1kg, as part of a three veg deal for 99p, while Lidl, Tesco and Sainsbury’s all have 1kg of carrots for 19p.

Here, we show what the ingredients on our list — or nearest equivalents — cost in each store.

Fill your plate on the cheap this Christmas with 500g of Brussel Sprouts for 38p at Sainsbury’s
Tuck into Christmas with 15 Yorkshire puddings for 50p at ASDA
Tesco’s 5 cheese selection is a delicious £4 this Christmas
1kg of Carrots costs just 19p at Lidl
Six mince pies are 99p at Aldi
Twelve pigs in blankets are just £2.25 at Morrisons

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