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Major supermarket will be selling cheapest bottle of 1 litre Baileys for only a tenner – and it’s not Tesco or Asda

BAILEY’S fans looking to stock up ahead of Christmas will be able to bag a 1 litre bottle for £10 from next week.

Sainsbury’s is due to start selling the alcoholic beverage at a discounted rate from November 16, according to the Hot UK Deals website.

Sainsbury’s will be selling a 1 litre bottle of Baileys for just a tenner from next week

We’ve asked Sainsbury’s to confirm this and will update the story when we’ve heard back.

But customers only have four days to take up the offer as it ends on November 20.

The 1 litre bottle usually costs £13 so customers will be saving 23%.

It comes after The Sun revealed Tesco was selling a 70cl bottle of Baileys for £8.

Sainsbury’s will be the cheapest supermarket to get the 1 litre bottle when the sale goes ahead on November 16.

When we looked online to see how much other supermarkets were selling the bottle for we couldn’t find it any cheaper.

Morrisons was the next cheapest option where it was £12.99.

Meanwhile, Asda was stocking it for £13 and Tesco was selling it to Clubcard customers for £13 and £21 for those without one.

Always bear in mind, it’s worth shopping around for the best deals.

Even if something appears like a bargain, you might be able to find it for less elsewhere.

Websites like let you compare prices of 130,000 products across 14 major high street supermarkets.

You can use the Latest Deals app as well which lets you search items and compare prices across several supermarkets.

While £10 for a litre of Baileys might seem like a steal, one supermarket was selling it for cheaper last Christmas.

Tesco customers could grab a bottle for £9.50 and customers were left saving £10.50 as it usually costed £20.

The discounted booze was only on offer for a week though.

How else can I save money on my supermarket shop?

If you’re looking for other ways to cut back on your weekly supermarket shop in the run up to Christmas there are some tricks your can employ.

You could try bagging a bargain by looking out for food items with yellow stickers on top – that means they’ve been reduced to clear.

We previously revealed how you might be going about it all wrong though.

Plus, one social media influencer revealed how shoppers can slash the price of their weekly shop by “down-shifting”, which means buying non-branded items which are often cheaper.

Plus, you could opt for buying just frozen meals which could save you hundreds a year.

Or, you could heed the advice of one supermarket expert we spoke to who offered four top tips for saving on your grocery trips.

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