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I was too late to buy a lottery ticket so asked my colleague to get me one – the decision he made changed our lives

A BUSY bloke who asked his colleague to pick up a lottery ticket for him was blown away when they both won.

The construction worker from Maryland, US, scooped the jackpot on the Pick 5 game after his work pal took a gamble.

The anonymous winner was overjoyed with his decision to send his colleague to the shop

He explained he was working on November 18 when he realised he wouldn’t be able to rush to the store in time to grab a ticket for the midday draw.

So, he did what many of us do during our times of need – he turned to a fellow employee.

The man sent his friend to a local shop to grab a lotto ticket for him, as he just couldn’t face missing a game.

He told lottery officials he always uses the number combination: 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, when entering Pick 5’s morning draw.

The construction worker’s mate fulfilled his duties and bought him a $1 straight bet ticket – while grabbing a 50-cent straight bet ticket with the same numbers.

And it seems the pal’s good deed did go unpunished – as they had selected the lucky digits for the morning draw.

He earned a healthy $25,000 for his kindness, while his lotto-mad colleague won a whopping $50,000.

The construction worker joked with lottery officials: “My buddy was happy that I sent him out for that ticket.”

He explained he had been playing the Pick 5 game daily since it was launched back in February.

“I like that you can pay less and win more money,” he explained.

The men did not share how they intend to use their extraordinary cash prize – but insisted it will be spent wisely.

The big winner added: “I can promise you that it is going to last for a while.”

We previously told how a US store was dubbed the “world’s luckiest shop” after selling two winning lottery tickets two days in a row.

A pair of punters won a whopping $16million combined after taking their chances on the lotto at the same Publix in Tampa Bay, Florida.

And this man revealed his secret behind scooping the lottery prize six times in a row netting him £1.6million.

Raymond Roberts Sr, from Massachusetts, US, made the bizarre decision to buy six tickets using the same numbers for a draw.

But his bold choice paid off as the numbers came in – meaning he won the jackpot six times.

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