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I’m a budget traveller – here’s how I always find the cheapest flights online & save hundreds

A TRAVELLER has revealed the hack he uses to get cheap flights for his holidays.

With prices on the rise for airfares, finding creative ways to cut back on our holiday fees is currently very important.

The Tiktoker showed how to use Google Flights to find cheaper trips to several desintations

There are ways to find cheap holidays, but they sometimes can require quite a bit of patience.

However, Tiktoker @ndainternet revealed a very simple method he uses for finding the cheapest flights.

Firstly, in a video, he said that he books through Google Flights, but when it comes to searching for a destination, he doesn’t select one.

He said: “Don’t put in a destination.

“Have you not heard of Google’s flight hack?

“Simply search on Google Flights and then don’t put anything in the destination tab and then simply click the map.”

By doing this, Google Flights will show you the cheapest airfares for several different destinations, allowing you to pick the cheapest one for a holiday.

Sun Online Travel put the hack to the test and it revealed return flights from London to Berlin for £40, to Athens for £46 and to Marrakech for £34, among many other deals.

So as long as you’re flexible on both your destination and the dates in which you travel, there are certainly savings to be made using the hack.

More than 1,600 people have commented on the video, most of them impressed with the hack.

Some had already put the advice to use.

One wrote: “Literally the best advice ever on Tiktok thank you!”

A second said: “Yeah it’s true a few days ago my brother went to Belgium for £16.”

Another added: “I saved money using this hack after watching this video. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, a money expert revealed how the day you book and the day you fly can impact how expensive your flights are.

And this dad revealed how he keeps costs down on his family holidays.

The hack reveals the cheapest prices for multiple destinations on Google Flights

1 Comment

1 Comment

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