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UK’s cheapest petrol stations revealed as fuel prices fall – and you could save up to £4.40 per tank

FUEL prices have fallen and the UK’s cheapest petrol stations have been revealed.

Motorists could save up to £4.40 per tank as prices dip lower.

The UK’s cheapest petrol stations have been revealed

The price of petrol is down to average 163.70p a litre this week – after enduring a rise to 166.54p at the end of October, The AA reports.

Since unleaded peaked on July 3 at 191.53p, almost 28p has come off a litre leading to a saving of just under £16 on a tank.

However, diesel prices are not as cheap. It’s gone from costing 187.08p a litre last month to the latest figure of 188.12p.

Now, some supermarket stations are proving cheaper than other forecourts in The AA’s most recent Fuel Price Report.

It’s calculated the different in petrol and diesel prices in October and then November.

In terms of petrol:

  • Sainsbury’s – was: 161.16p, now 162.56p
  • Asda – was: 161.29p, now 162.74p
  • Morrisons – was: 163.68p, now 162.83p
  • Jet – was: 163.37p, now 163.16p
  • Texaco – 165.14p, now 163.66p
  • Tesco – was: 162.82p, now 163.88p
  • Murco – was: 165.29p, now 165.03p
  • Shell – was: 166.45p, now 165.31p
  • Esso – was: 165.82p, now 165.85p
  • BP – was: 167.01p, now 166.67p

Although supermarkets are mostly the cheapest places to buy petrol right now, it’s the oil company-supplied forecourts that have made the biggest cuts to their prices.

For example, Texaco has cut back by 1.48p between now and October, and Shell has shaved off 1.14p, but Asda has increased by 1.45p.

Similarly, Sainsbury’s has added on 1.40p since October even though it’s cheapest on the list.

The AA also took a look around local petrol stations to find the biggest saving was seen on Wednesday – which was an 8p-per-litre save. That would mean a full tank would cost £4.40 less.

This was found at a Texaco garage near Headley – which cost just 157.9p.

It’s important to note prices can vary between locations, even if it’s the same brand.

But the price of diesel has gone up much further between October and November:

  • Asda – was: 180.55p, now 184.90p
  • Morrisons – was: 181.62p, now 185.87p
  • Sainsbury’s – was: 179.70p, now 185.94p
  • Tesco – was: 181.35p, now 186.85p
  • Texaco – 189.27p, now 189.03p
  • Jet – was: 186.82p, now 189.04p
  • Murco – was: 188.02p, now 189.96p
  • Esso – was: 189.44p, now 190.85p
  • BP – was: 189.69p, now 190.99p
  • Shell – was: 189.47p, now 191.58p

The only company which have reduced diesel prices in the report is Texaco – which has decreased November’s price by 0.24p a litre.

It’s good to note the current average price of diesel is still 19p per litre lower than in July.

But the factors that make diesel particularly expensive compared to petrol are still putting upward pressure on prices and are expected to do so for several months at least.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s fuel price spokesman, said: “Together with pump prices falling in general, drivers who have located competitive forecourts on their travels may well have been able to save 10p a litre on petrol compared to what they had been paying a fortnight earlier.

“Pump prices are re-adjusting after yet another swing in what has been a rollercoaster year for petrol and diesel.

“Drivers that live in towns with competitive fuel stations are saving as much as a fiver on the cost of filling a tank compared to elsewhere.”

How can I spend less on petrol?

Petrol prices can add a big cost onto your budget.

But there are some things you can do to reduce your spending.

You can always check petrol prices online before heading out to your nearest station.

Websites like let you search for petrol stations offering the best prices near you.

It’s free to use for your first 20 searches.

Having a full tank of petrol can weigh you car down, so sometimes it’s best to fill it up halfway as well.

Or you could try using a loyalty scheme – many petrol stations operate them and they could see you racking up points which could be used to buy your petrol.

Overall, remember to shop around to find the best price in case you miss a cheap pump.

We made a helpful guide last month of cheapest petrol stations, but bear in mind some of these prices might be different now.

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