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How to stop pipes freezing this winter – and it costs from just 62p

FROZEN water pipes can cost hundreds of pounds to repair if left to explode – but you can avoid being caught out by using one hack.

Winter brings colder temperatures and frozen water inside pipes can expand causing them to burst.

Burst water pipes can cost hundreds of pounds to fix

To avoid getting to the stage where your pipes are frozen and potentially about to burst, there are some things you can do.

Maintaining your pipes will be much more cost-effective than having to get them repaired.

You can do this by keeping your pipes warm with insulation – we found some online starting from as cheap as 62p.

You should put it on pipes in colder places throughout your house, such as the loft, garage or basement.

You can try heating tape as well, which works like an electric blanket for your pipes, although they can be a bit on the expensive side.

While keeping the heating off might seem like an effective cost-cutting measure, it will increase the risks of burst water pipes.

Instead, keep your heating on a low enough level not to cost too much, but enough to keep your pipes warm.

Lastly, you can let some pressure out of your water system by dripping your taps intentionally.

In other news, one plumber previously revealed how finding hidden pipes can help save you from having to fork out for repairs.

Plus, Octopus Energy customers have been left furious over a money-saving scheme where some sat for an hour in the dark to only save £1.

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