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Wetherspoons reveals Christmas menu including brie and bacon burger and a stuffing pizza

WETHERSPOONS is to launch its Christmas menu and there’s a host of new delicious meals to try.

The menu is filled with all sorts of festive flavours, including everything you’d expect on your Christmas dinner plate and more.

Wetherspoons Christmas menu will be available from Wednesday

The menu will be available at almost 900 Wetherspoon pubs across the UK from Wednesday, November 16.

Turkey has returned to the menu after it was left off last year’s festive selection.

And there is the return of festive favourites like plates of pigs in blankets, the big cheeseburger and the brie and bacon burger makes a comeback too.

Making its debut on the menu is the chicken and stuffing burger.

In 2019, Wetherspoon served up Baileys bread and butter pudding as part of its Christmas menu.

But while we won’t be seeing that particular pud topping off the dessert menu, there are all new sweet treats to try instead.

Pub-goers can enjoy a whole range of new menu items this year, with Wetherspoons adding at least five new items to the menu.

The prices of each meal can vary between branches, but you’ll be able to get many of the festive foods from just under a tenner.

Keep in mind that these menu items won’t be around for long either as they’re only available until December 24.

In the meantime, here are some of the mouth-watering options you’ll find on the festive menu this year.

The prices mentioned will vary between pubs and regions, meaning you could end up paying a different price.

Make sure you double-check the menu at your local Wetherspoons and ask at the bar before you order.

Sliced turkey breast and winter vegetables

Punters will be able to tuck into four slices of turkey breast, served with winter vegetables, stuffing, mash and pigs in blankets.

The meal will set you back around £10.69 with a soft drink, or £11.99 with a selected alcoholic drink.

You’ll be able to ask at the bar in your local Wetherspoons to find out what drinks are included.

The meal contains 997 calories.

The big cheese burger

This one is returning for Christmas, and Wetherspoons previously described it as the ultimate indulgent festive cheese fest.

The burger is topped with brie slices and halloumi fries.

It also comes with blue cheese dip on the side and a serving of chips.

Hungry customers can choose between beef patties, buttermilk chicken or grilled chicken breast as a filling.

Vegetarians can tuck into either a breaded vegetable patty or a Beyond Meat patty.

The meal contains between 1445 and 1761 calories, depending which options you go for.

It will cost between £9.05 and £10.35 depending on the drink you order your meal with.

Brie and bacon burger

The brie and bacon burger is making a return again this year too.

The burger is topped with pigs in blankets of its own, and comes with a side of chips too.

The festive burger is priced at £9.05 when accompanied by a soft drink, or £9.35 with an alcoholic tipple.

Chicken and stuffing burger

This burger comes with maple-cured bacon, pork stuffing, cranberry sauce and is topped with pigs in blankets.

It is also served with a side of chips and is the same price as both the brie and bacon burger, and the big cheese burger.

It has around 1,682 calories.

Last year, Wetherspoons had a similar offering – a chicken and stuffing panini – on its menu.

Chicken, stuffing, bacon and brie pizza

Also new this year is the chicken, stuffing, bacon and brie pizza.

It’s 11-inches and made with chicken breast, pork stuffing, bacon, brie and rocket.

It will set you back around £9.40 with a soft drink, or £10.70 with an alcoholic beverage.

The pizza contains 1,283 calories.

You can also get an 8-inch version of the festive pizza for £6.05.

Brie and garlic mushroom pizza

Returning to the menu is the brie and garlic mushroom pizza.

It’s 11-inches and made with sliced mushroom, garlic, brie cheese and rocket.

The pizza is perfect for vegetarians too, who don’t want to miss out on any of the festive flavours.

It is a little cheaper than the other festive pizza, coming in at around £8.40 with a soft drink, or £9.70 with a pint.

If you fancy a smaller serving, you can get an eight-inch version for £5.55.

Pigs in blankets

No Christmas menu is complete without pigs in blankets, and Wetherspoons’ menu this year doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll get a portion of seven pork chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, and served with cranberry sauce.

The deal is part of the small plates “any three for” deal, which can be mixed and matched with all of the small-plate choices.

That way, they’ll make the perfect festive sharing option too.

This year, the pigs in blankets will cost you around £4.85 on their own.

A portion contains around 490 calories.


No Christmas meal is complete without a sweet treat to finish it off.

Wetherspoons fans can tuck into a salted caramel sticky toffee pudding, served with vanilla ice cream, or custard for around £4.30.

This desert has between 664 and 780 calories.

Or you could also try a mice tart for just £1.55, which contains 341 calories.

A number of chains have already revealed their festive menus, including Starbucks and Costa.

Meanwhile, bakery chain Greggs has unveiled its Christmas range.

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