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Woman reveals ‘number one hack’ to travelling with just a small bag

A WOMAN has revealed her “number one hack” for going on holiday with just a small personal bag – and people have called it genius.

Traveller Kaitlyn Dickie said she was going on a three-day trip, but would be charged $74 (£60) for a carry-on bag.

Kaitlyn revealed her clever trick to travelling with just a personal handbag

Instead, she revealed how a compression bag made for sleeping bags meant she could travel with just a personal item.

She told her thousands of followers on TikTok: “My number one hack when travelling with just a personal bag.

“This is a sleeping bag compression sack.

“I’m putting all of my soft clothes into this compression sack.

“The only thing I am rolling is my dress for the evening as I don’t want it to get wrinkled.”

After stuffing the clothes, she then fastened the buckles and leaned on it, tightening straps as she put her weight on it.

The sack then becomes a fraction of the size, as she said she “literally leans and pulls” to compress all of the clothes inside.

She said she easily fit in three days of clothes, including “socks and underwear”.

She called it a “game-changer” and said there was even room for extra stuff but was saving room for souvenirs.

The tiny bag then gets put into a personal backpack, which has room for other things too.

In another video, she showed how she even packed four pairs of shoes, by stuffing her trainers with things like chargers and makeup.

More than two million people have watched the video, with people loving the tip and calling it “genius”.

One person said: “As a backpacker I have tons of these and never thought of using them for regular travel. I’m doing it for my next trip.”

Another said: “I’m sold I’m buying one.”

They cost as little as £4.99 on Amazon, so it also won’t break the bank.

Lots of people said they would then put it in a pillowcase so it doubles up on the plane.

The pillow case hack has become popular with travellers, especially those flying with low-cost airlines such as Ryanair.

This is because pillows don’t count as an item on a plane, so can be stuffed with clothes and jumpers.

Here is another way to avoid paying for hand luggage on cheap flights.

People on TikTok praised her hack as being ‘genius’

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