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5 Things To Look For in Your WordPress Hosting provider

Many new WordPress bloggers find a problem choosing the right hosting service provider for their WordPress built-on websites, this may be not a big problem at the beginning of their blog/website but it will be a very big problem when their site has more traffic.

At that point, their website will start to go down and it will take a long time to load which will affect their site reputation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score, and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, So I believe that choosing the best hosting for your site is one of the most important aspects you need to consider while building a business online.

In this article, I will mention some things every good hosting company should have in order to be a good WordPress hosting company.

5 things should be included in the best WordPress Hosting company

5 things should be included in the best WordPress Hosting company

#1 High Hosting Speed

Website speed is one of the most important aspects both visitors and Search Engines consider about every single site on the internet, so having your site load quickly will increase your site traffic, SEO score, and will make your site rank higher in search results.

#2 Increased Hosting Security

Although WordPress is one of the most secure CMS (Content Management Systems), it still can be hacked if your hosting service provider doesn’t offer increased website security. So every good web hosting service provider should offer a secure hosting service.

#3 Stable Hosting & Hosting Up time

This point may be related to hosting speed, but I think none of us want a visitor to visit his website and suddenly find that the website is down 🙁 this means that he will not visit your site again when it appears in the search results. This point is also very important for ranking higher in search engines as sites with low to no downtime always rank higher in search results.

#4 Hosting Support

Hosting support is very important for every blogger especially for newbie bloggers and webmasters who don’t have any technical skills, so a good web hosting company should offer a knowledgeable, reachable hosting support team and many WordPress Hosting service providers offer a hosting support team with these qualifications that you can reach via email, tickets, or phone.

#5 Affordable Web Hosting Prices

The financial aspect is another thing many bloggers think of is the hosting price, this is very important especially for beginners who have low budgets and their sites still not making any money.


Selecting the best web hosting service provider for a website built on WordPress is very important when you start a WordPress blog or website, so you need to choose a hosting company that provides a stable, secure, high-speed hosting service with affordable prices.

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