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Major supermarket is selling 1litre bottle of Baileys for £10 – but you need to be quick

A MAJOR supermarket has slashed the price of a 1L bottle of Baileys to just under £10 in time for Christmas.

But you’ll need to be quick if you want to grab one – the offer ends on Sunday, December 18.

A major supermarket has slashed the price of its Baileys until Sunday – so be quick

Morrisons has slashed the price from £22 to just £9.99.

The discount is available both in stores and online – but make sure to factor in delivery costs if you’re ordering it for home delivery.

You’ll be able to find the offer in all stores nationwide – so make sure to look up the Morrisons store locator if you don’t know where your local one is.

However, you’ll only be able to claim one bottle per person, so you’ll need to head elsewhere if you’re looking to stock up.

It’s always good to browse around other supermarkets in case you find a bargain elsewhere.

You can use tools like Google Shopping to compare prices, or download the Latest Deals app to search items and find where they’re cheaper.

In comparison, Asda’s selling the same 1litre bottles for £10, down from £13 – and it looks like you can buy more than one.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s sells them for £13, down from £22.

And Tesco currently charges £16 each, but there may be Clubcard deals available nearer Christmas, so keep an eye out.

We also spotted bottles on sale at B&M for £11.99.

You can also pick up a 700ml Baileys Tiramisu edition for £15.99 from B&M alongside other Baileys gift sets – it’s best to browse on its website if you’re interested.

To compare, Tesco has the Tiramisu bottle for £17, and we could only find small 70cl version elsewhere.

But as for Morrisons, this isn’t the only deal they’ve offered in recent months.

One shopper found hundreds of bargains in the reduced section at her local Morrisons last month.

The reduced items included nappies down by almost a fiver and a lunch box costing just 50p.

These deals were only available in one store in Blackpool though, so you won’t be guaranteed the same elsewhere, but you should still check to see if your local branch has anything worthwhile reduced.

Shops will reduce prices on various items for various reasons, like if they’re trying to clear stock.

You could prices decrease by over £20 – for example, Tesco has been clearing toys just in time for Christmas.

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