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How losing your phone or passport at the airport could cost you money

IF you’re in a rush to catch your flight, you may find yourself leaving something behind at the airport.

However, this could end up costing you – as most airports charge passengers to get their lost items back.

If you are in a rush at the airport, make sure not to lose anything – or it will cost you further down the line

Not only do they charge service fees for holding the items, but they also charge postal costs to return them.

Back in 2019, a woman was charged a “ridiculously excessive” £20 to collect her jacket after she left it at an airport lounge in Manchester.

Another woman complained on social media: “Lost my ring in Stansted Airport – lost property had it! Woop! – but they charged me £20 to get it back.”

Other charges include one man’s wallet who charged him £25 to get it back, while another said they paid £20 in shipping to get their wallet back despite it being a £7 service.

So you don’t fall victim to it as well, we’ve rounded up the prices of each airport depending on what you lose.

Heathrow Airport

While the airport doesn’t break down what particular items cost, the charges range from paying nothing to £25.

Toys are able to be collected free of charge, while more valuable items such as laptops and passports will cost the higher price.

You also need to factor in delivery costs if you want it posted to you.

Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Manchester Airport

All three airports use an external lost property website called

Prices range from £3 to £20, depending on the item.

The £3 items include umbrellas, keys, and pushchairs, while a lost suitcase will set you back £5.

Laptops and tablets are the most expensive to get back as they will cost £20.

Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport

Called Luggage Point, they handle lost items for Birmingham Airport, Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport.

While it is free to pick up items such as toys and medical equipment, they charge up to £20 for items such as laptops and tablets.

We’ve rounded up the worst airlines and airports for losing your luggage.

And a travel expert has explained what you should do if your suitcase is lost while travelling.

One man was left terrified after losing a suitcase with £17,000 of cash inside – only for a “miracle call” which reunited him with it.

Losing your gadget is the most expensive with some airport companies charging £25 – as well as shipping

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