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Aldi shoppers spot ‘genius’ joke in Christmas advert about rival supermarket

EAGLE-EYED Aldi fans have spotted a clever joke poking fun at its rival in the new Christmas ad.

The ad was released earlier this week and quickly became a fan favourite on social media with people commenting it’s “the best yet”.

Did you spot the joke?

But others pointed out the “genius” dig seemingly aimed at posh shop M&S.

The advert is a nod to Christmas favourite Home Alone, which follows human character Kevin battling burglars after being left alone when the rest of his family head abroad.

In Aldi’s version Kevin the carrot’s family; Katie, Baby, Jasper and Chantenay are hurrying through a busy airport as they race to catch a flight to Paris. 

Before too long they realise that one family member is missing – Kevin – and they’ve left him at home.

It then jumps to Kevin watching football at home – a reference to the World Cup.

In the corner of the screen the two teams playing each other are none other than Cuth and Col – and the score is one nil to Cuth.

For those of you who remember you’ll know this is a cheeky reference to the legal battle between Aldi’s Cuthbert the caterpillar and M&S’s Colin.

To remind you, in 2021 M&S filed a lawsuit over the two caterpillar cakes. 

Marks and Spencer argued the the similarity of Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake to its own Colin the Caterpillar cake leads customers to believe they’re of the same standard.

Aldi took the cake off shelves but it returned shortly after – with a different face.

Aldi clearly took this as a win and wanted to make light of it in its festive ad and people thought it was hilarious.

On Twitter one user said: “Omg – I just zoomed in on the footie on the TV screen – Aldi’s Cuthbert 1, (I’m assuming M&S) Colin 0!!! Genius!”

Another wrote: “Just take a minute to respect Aldi UK marketing department..! #genius.”

While a user wrote: “Hang on is that Cuthburt v Colin?”

To which another replied: “OMG – yes it is!! Totally missed that.”

One simply shared a still of the scene and wrote “I can’t……” with laughing emojis.

Aldi responded: “We have no idea what you mean.”

The comments were also filled with people asking when they will be able to get the Kevin toys in store.

Aldi has confirmed exactly when the nation’s most recognisable carrot will hit stores.

But shoppers will need to be quick after the firm confirmed that “once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Shoppers will be able to purchase the Kevin the carrot in soft toy form in-store and online from Thursday, November 17.

Of course, other Christmas lovers may not agree that Aldi’s is the best ad of the year – it does have some tough competition.

We’ve rounded up all the Christmas ads of 2022 so far to help you decide.

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