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Aldi’s Christmas ad features Kevin the Carrot as a lonely character from popular movie – the ending will make you cry

ALDI has released this year’s Christmas advert featuring everyone’s favourite carrot, Kevin.

The character has featured in the discounter’s Christmas campaign for several years and fans will be pleased to know he’s returned for 2022.

Kevin the Carrot devises a plan to ward off burglars
Kevin’s family have suddenly realised they’ve left him home alone

Viewers were eagerly anticipating Kevin’s comeback following a teaser Aldi released earlier this week.

The advert, narrated by actor Jim Broadbent, is a nod to Christmas favourite Home Alone, which follows human character Kevin battling burglars after being left alone when the rest of his family head abroad.

Of course, the advert features Home Alone’s famous soundtrack composed by John Williams, which is enough to tug at the heart strings.

The supermarkets advert features Kevin’s family; Katie, Baby, Jasper and Chantenay hurrying through a busy airport as they race to catch a flight to Paris. 

Before too long they realise that one family member is missing – Kevin – and they’ve left him at home.

It then jumps to Kevin watching football at home – a reference to the World Cup – before realising he’s been abandoned.

Mirroring the human character Kevin, the carrot is suddenly threatened with intruders at home and so he quickly devises a plan on how to stop them.

Kevin lays out traps across the house and successfully manages to chase away the burglars.

In an emotional ending, Kevin is reunited with his family at home, just in time for Christmas Day.

Viewers were already impressed with Aldi’s teaser advert so fingers crossed they’re elated with this one.

One Twitter user said: “Ooh new Kevin advert soon! It isn’t Christmas without Kevin.”

While another added: “The perfect Christmas! Welcome back Kevin.”

And a third person said: “Omg yay Kevin the Carrot! I was as just saying I really hoped Kevin was coming back!”

Kevin the Carrot has player a pivotal role in Aldi’s ads over the years.

Last year, he returned alongside new chum Marcus Rashford and took on A Christmas Carol.

It followed the story of Ebanana, with Kevin reminds the Christmas-hating fruit of the spirit of the festive season.

Before that, 2020’s supermarket advert told the story of Kevin again as a fighter jet pilot.

This time, the plot takes on 80s movie Top Gun, cruising through the skies with wingman Lieutenant Turkey before disaster strikes.

In 2019 the discounter released the Christmas advert on November 6 and its teaser on November 1.

The full advert saw Kevin the Carrot fight off the Leafy Blinders Brussels sprout gang, which were furious about the carrot family stealing the show as the star vegetable for Christmas.

The year before that Kevin took to the wheel of a very recognisable truck decked out in lights.

And in 2017, Kevin was looking for love and we saw him meet Katie.

Fans of Aldi loved watching the happy conclusion of the tale, with Kevin and partner Katie welcoming the arrival of three baby carrots – Jasper, Baby Carrot and Chantenay.

Of course, other Christmas lovers may not agree that Aldi’s is the best ad of the year – it does have some tough competition.

TV presenter Alison Hammond stars as a fussy countess in Sainsbury’s fairytale-inspired ad.

It’s A Sin star Lydia West stars in the Boots ad this year.

Tesco’s Christmas advert highlights the importance of spreading joy and affordability this festive period.

Morrisons brings back festive hero Farmer Christmas in its cheery offering.

Lid’s advert follows the journey of “Lidl Bear”, a teddy who becomes famous, leaving its young owner.

Comedy duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have been reunited in the M&S food Christmas ad.

Disney’s advert is an animated tear-jerker which aims to highlight the importance of being with family during the festive season.

We’ve rounded up all the Christmas ads of 2022 so far to help you decide.



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