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Shoppers rushing to buy £10 item from Aldi that keeps you warm – and will save you on your bills

SHOPPERS have been hailing an Aldi specialbuy that keeps you warm and helps save on energy bills.

The German discount retailer is known for stocking more peculiar items in its middle aisle and online.

Aldi is selling an INOC ski neck warmer for £9.99

And customers have been heaping praise on one of its recent items – an INOC ski neck warmer.

It’s selling for £9.99 and while it’s designed to be used for skiing, some shoppers have been using it to keep warm in the UK as the weather drops.

One said: “Beautifully soft and warm. Just in time for winter.”

Another said: “Really warm – I have worn this both inside and outside it is great.

“Will be ordering more for my friends and family – Great Christmas stocking filler.”

A third happy shopper added: “Not too bulky and very soft.

“Purchased for walking instead of wearing a scarf. Keeps back of the neck lovely and warm.”

Bear in mind if you want the neck warmer sent to your home you’ll have to pay a fee of £2.95.

It comes after energy bills rose for millions of households after jumping from £1,971 to £2,500 in October.

It means households are looking for ways to stay warm without having to turn the heating on.

Consumer champion Martin Lewis has previously advised people to “heat the human not the home”, meaning wrapping up in warm clothing as opposed to turning your radiators on if you can’t afford to.

Of course, when looking at buying food or clothing items, you should always shop around for the best deals.

Just because one supermarket is selling it for what seems like a good price, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

Websites like let you compare thousands of products across a number of high street supermarkets.

Or you could try a simple Google search and then click the “Shopping” tab to see what’s out there.

We looked online to see if we could find a cheaper option for a ski neck warmer than what Aldi is selling.

We couldn’t find the exact same INOC ski neck warmer but did find some alternatives for cheaper.

Decathlon was selling a fleece ski snood for £4.99, although you have to pay minimum £2.99 for delivery.

It was selling a neck warmer for £5.99 too, again with a minimum £2.99 delivery charge.

What help can I get with my energy bills?

If you’re looking for other ways to save on your energy bills, you’ve got some options.

£400 energy rebate is being handed out to millions of households across the UK.

Plus, there’s a range of other cost of living payments being made depending on your circumstances.

Millions should have received both instalments of the £650 cost of living payment while a £300 pensioner cost of living payment is being made to millions too.

Plus, there was a £150 disability payment made to millions in September and October this year.

In the Government’s mini-budget in November a further batch of payments was announced by the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

You might be eligible for the Household Support Fund too.

It’s a central pot of money which has been allocated to councils who then decide how to distribute it and who to.

But that means whether you’re eligible and what you’ll get will depend on where you live.

Shropshire Council is giving out £180 to thousands of households, for example.

Plenty of energy companies offer customers grants if they’re struggling to pay for bills.

Companies that offer grants include Bulb, EDF, E.On, Octopus Energy, OVO and Scottish Power.

To find out more you can check out their websites. Their contact details are likely to be on your bill slips as well.

A number of energy companies are offering customers money if they use their appliances at off-peak times too through the Demand Flexibility Scheme.

For the full list of which ones are, see our guide here.

In other news, Cadbury’s has brought back a festive sweet treat for customers, and it’s a spin on a classic.

Plus, shoppers have been rushing to buy a B&M winter essential that’s been reduced to just 10p.

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