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Households can apply for up to £400 free cash to help with cost of living – can you apply?

HOUSEHOLDS could be in line for up to £400 free cash to help them with the cost of living.

The support comes via the Household Support Fund which was set up by the government.

Households could be in line for up to £400 of help in one part of England

It is made up of a central pot of money worth £421 million which has been shared between councils across England.

Councils then decide how they want to hand out their portion of the fund and who to.

That means who’s eligible for help is a bit of a postcode lottery, but the money is usually given to households on low incomes to help pay for food, energy bills and other essential items.

Now, Guildford Borough Council has announced its residents could be in line for up to £400 worth of help.

We’ve approached the council to see how many households can apply and will update this story when we know more.

Who’s eligible?

If you’re on a low income and think you might be eligible for help from Guildford Borough Council there’s certain criteria you have to meet.

Firstly, you have to live in the borough of Guildford, and secondly be over the age of 16.

You also have to prove you’re experiencing financial hardship.

You won’t be able to apply if you need help with your mortgage.

Plus, you can only submit one application per household, although you can submit an application on behalf of someone else.

How can I apply?

You can apply for the help by using the online form found on Guildford Borough Council’s website.

If you’re having difficulty doing this, say for example if you don’t have access to the internet, you can call 01483 458055 to get help.

Either way, you’ll need to prove to Guildford Borough Council that you are experiencing hardship, why you can’t afford certain expenses and what might happen if you don’t receive help.

You might have to offer physical evidence of the hardship you’re experiencing too, like bank statements or notices from bailiffs.

You’ll also need to provide a recent bank statement or letter showing your name, address, and sort code and account number.

What happens if your application is successful?

If Guildford Borough Council decides you’re entitled for a payment worth up to £400, you’ll receive a letter saying what the money should be used for.

Payments will be made directly into your bank account.

If your application is unsuccessful you can ask the council to look at your case again within five days of its decision.

What about if I don’t live in Guildford?

If you don’t live in Guildford you could be in line for help through your local council.

You should check on your council’s website, or give them a call to find out if you’re eligible.

The best way to find out what council area you fall under is by using the government’s council locator found on its website.

You might have to be quick if you want help though.

While the deadline for councils to hand out the latest tranche of HSF cash support is March 31, 2023, it’s done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Eligibility for the fund depends on where you live, although it’s usually given to people on low incomes or benefits.

So if you’re receiving Universal Credit for example you might be able to apply.

In Shropshire, for example, households on a low income and claiming certain benefits including Universal Credit could apply for help worth up to £180 in November.

If you live in Wales, you can get help through its government scheme.



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