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The big mistake you’re making at airport baggage reclaim that annoys other passengers – here’s how to avoid it

WAITING for your suitcase at baggage reclaim is one of the most stressful parts of travelling, especially after a long flight

However, there are ways that people can reduce the stress levels at the baggage carousel and make the whole experience much more pleasant.

Baggage carousels can cause stress and frustration for passengers after a long flight

Auckland Airport in New Zealand has issued some advice for travellers travelling with checked-in luggage to help keep the peace while waiting for luggage to be returned from the plane.

The airport say that space is key to keeping a harmonious atmosphere at the baggage reclaim, while double checking bags is also important, according to

The airport said that they will always pick an appropriately sized baggage carousel to accommodate all the passengers from each flight.

They said: “It’s always good to give everyone a bit of space around the carousel.

“At Auckland Airport we allocate the size of the flight to a correctly sized carousel, ensuring there is enough room for our passengers and their bags.”

While trolleys can take up extra space, the airport urged people to use them, but just to park further back to allow everyone a good spot from which to spy their luggage.

They added: “It’s good to park [the trolley] a little bit back from the carousel so you give yourself and your fellow passengers space to get into the carousel to retrieve bags.”

One problem that can continually occur at baggage reclaim is people picking up the wrong suitcases, with a lot of people now using similar bags.

Auckland Airport recommends double-checking each bag when collecting them, just to make sure you’re not going home with someone else’s luggage.

They said: “It also pays to quickly double-check you have the right bag too. With everyone seemingly having the same black bag, it’s very easy to grab the wrong luggage.”

There are ways passengers can use technology to track their suitcase by simply using their iPhone, so they know when it is being loaded onto the carousel.

TikToker Katarina Mogus has revealed how she uses AirTags with an app on her phone.

The app tracks when your suitcase will appear on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim – or if it’s still at your departure airport, if you’re unlucky.

In the video she says: “You can actually track it and know where your luggage is at all times.”

A flight attendant who goes by the name Cici In the Skyon TikTok also recommends using the tags, describing them as a “little insurance policy” to make sure bags don’t get lost.

In fact, one man was able to track his lost luggage after it failed to make its way onto his flight from Montreal to Dublin.

The etiquette tips could help passengers avoid scenes like this when a brawl broke out at airport baggage reclaim.

This is how to avoid waiting for a long time at airport luggage reclaim and why your luggage is often delayed.

Auckland airport advises double checking bags to make sure you don’t have someone else’s

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