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I’m Ben Affleck’s PT – here’s the best alcohol swaps to help you lose weight

WHEN you want to lose weight – one of the first things people suggest is cutting out booze.

But that’s easier said than done, especially as we creep into winter, with Christmas parties and events already starting to make their way into your calendar.

Personal trainer and nutritionist Magnus Lygdbäck revealed his top tips for enjoying alcohol if you’re trying to lose weight

Personal trainer and nutritionist Magnus Lygdbäck explained that to lose fat you must be in a calorie deficit.

This means you are consuming fewer calories than your body uses through exercise and other activities.

The 43-year-old, who has worked with stars such as Ben Affleck and Alexander Skarsgård, explained that most boozy drinks have a high calorie count due to the amount of sugar in them.

Posting in a YouTube video, the PT said: “So if you want to lose fat while being able to enjoy a glass, make sure to pick low-calorie ingredients for your drink.”

However, he added that just because drinks are low in calories, you shouldn’t drink more.

One of the swaps he suggested – is going for an Aperol Spritz.

Aperol Spritz

While this is notoriously a drink that’s high in sugar, Magnus said there’s a way to drop the calories.

An Aperol Spritz is usually made with prosecco, but the guru said you should swap this for unsweet white wine.

This is a great option because it retains the taste without the calories, he said.

Vodka soda

Forever the drink of choice for the gym bunnies, Magnus said this is one of his favourite alcoholic drinks, due to the taste and that it’s low in calories.

He added that for a little bit of a flavour twist, you can add some lemon juice.

Yuzu fizz

Magnus said that this is his favourite tipple as all it takes is cava and yuzu sake.

He said: “What I love about this sake is that you get some citrus flavor but it’s still a little bitter which mixes really well with the cava.  

“It’s a nice fruity drink that’s not too sweet.”


Dietician Ruth Kander of the Fleet Street Clinic however warned that some lower calorie options could still be packed with chemicals.

Speaking to The Sun, she said that despite this, they are lower calorie options and because of that are still probably better than having loads of booze.

“Essentially water is the healthiest drink.  

“It’s all about how often and how much you have something very often then that’s no good,” she said.

Ruth also suggested her top swaps for popular drinks – all of which will save on calories and will mean you’re not consuming much, or any booze at all.


Ruth explained that in most places, a glass of 250ml red wine is around 190kcals.

To still have the delicious beverage with a lower calorie count, she recommended Low Alcohol Cabernet Tempranillo, which will give you 77.5kcals for a 250ml glass.

It’s also a cheaper option, with a bottle of this in Tesco costing just over £3.00.

If you prefer white wine, Ruth said that there is also a swap to be made.

She said that a 250ml glass of dry white will set you back around 188kcals.

She advised that you swap this for Mcguigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc which will give you 60kcals for a 250ml glass.


We all like a little bit of fizz, especially over the festive season, with a glass of champagne coming in at around 95kcals.

By simply swapping to a no booze version, Ruth said you can take this down to 50kcals.


Again, a pint of beer is around 208kcals and Ruth said swapping to alcohol-free will only mean you use 120kcals, and won’t leave you with a hangover, she added.

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