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Brits warned to avoid packing flip flops and chewing gum on holiday – or risk hefty fines

BRITS have been warned to avoid packing flip flops and chewing gum on holiday or risk hefty fines.

Although travelling the globe is an incredible experience, holidaymakers should be aware that other countries may ban things we consider everyday items.

Brits have been warned to avoid packing items such as flip flops and chewing gums or risk hefty fines

It’s always worth looking at what you can and can’t bring before jetting off in case you’ve accidentally packed a blacklisted item.

And International property group Your Overseas Home are urging Brits to check their luggage before jetting off on their winter holiday.

Christopher Nye, senior content editor said: “Before travelling or moving to a new country, it’s always a good idea to get to grips with their culture and customs – and that includes any weird and wonderful laws that are enforced.”

They’ve revealed the weirdest and most unexpected items that are banned by some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

Flip flops – Capri (Italy)

You can wear flip flops around the majority of Italy, but you’re not allowed to take them to the island of Capri.

Here, it’s illegal to wear “excessively noisy” footwear – including flip flops – as locals value their “peace and quiet”.

Chewing gum – Singapore

It’s not illegal to chew gum in Singapore, but it is against the law to import it and sell it, and has been since 1992.

Exceptions do exist for dental and nicotine gum, but you can only purchase these from a doctor or registered pharmacist.

Vapes and electronic cigarettes – Thailand

And vape fans will have to leave their e-cigarettes in the UK, as Thailand has had a ban on the import, export, sale and possession of vaping products since November 2014.

Vapes and electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular in the UK but you might want to thick twice about packing this device.

Kinder Surprise eggs – USA

It might come as a surprise that it’s illegal to bring Kinder Surprise eggs into the US.

This is because of a law banning any food with a “non-nutritive object embedded” – including toys inside confectionery items.

Baby walkers – Canada

Baby walkers and baby seats on wheels have been banned since 2004 by Health Canada.

They believe baby walkers are a danger to young children but many international visitors maybe unaware of the ban on this common piece of equipment.

Haggis – USA

In 1971 it became illegal to import haggis into the US from the UK due to a ban on food containing sheep lung, which constitutes 10–15% of the Scottish recipe.

The reason for the ban is down to the fear that phlegm and stomach acid may contaminate the organ during slaughter.

Sudafed and Vicks – Japan

The popular cold remedies are banned in Japan due to their strict laws on stimulant drugs – including the use of pseudoephedrine.

If you’re bringing any kind of medicine into the country, it’s best to also bring a prescription from your doctor and a letter explaining the purpose of the medication.

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