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Celebrations is making a major change to tubs this Christmas – and it will divide all chocolate fans

MINI-BARS of Bounty will be missing from some tubs of Celebrations this year, after Mars Wrigley decided to banish them.

Extra Mars, Snickers, Milkyway, Teasers and Galaxy have been added to make up for the axed Bounty bars in the limited edition tubs.

Bounty is being axed from Celebration boxes this Christmas

However, only 2,000 Bounty-less tubs will be available at 40 Tesco Christmas Market locations on selected dates.

It’s part of a trial to see if shoppers want to get rid of the divisive Bountys from tubs permanently.

Customers will have to buy a classic tub from Tesco for £4, weighing 650g – and then swap it for a Bounty-less one.

Emily Owen, head of Celebrations festive cheer, said: “Christmas is the time for giving – but it seems this year, the British public are keen for us to take away…the Bounty.”

“Off the back of public demand, we’re trialling taking them out of tubs altogether.”

But he warned: “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

The controversial chocolate bar has divided fans for years.

Last year, Mars Wrigley offered to swap unwanted Bounty chocolates for a more-loved Malteser after Christmas.

While in 2020, shoppers were fuming after finding Bounty bars were behind the doors of the Celebrations advent calendar for the first and second day.

It’s not the only festive chocolate favourite to cause controversy this year.

Earlier this year, Nestle revealed that tubs of Quality Street were changing forever as it introduced recyclable packaging for the sweets, axing the iconic shiny wrappers.

Last week, The Sun revealed that tubs this year could be missing one of four popular flavours – fudge, toffee penny, caramel swirl and chocolate block.

While some shoppers may find an extra orange crunch in their tubs.



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