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Cheapest place to buy mince pies this week – and it’s not Asda or Morrisons

FESTIVE bells are chiming as mince pies make their way to the supermarket shelves once more.

And as shoppers rush to grab a box this Christmas, it’s good to know where to get them for cheap.

We’ve rounded up the cheapest place to buy mince pies this week

Many will be eyeing up advent calendars and Christmas hampers in the transition to winter, but a classic festive treat is also in order to start the celebrations.

Last month, B&M introduced mince pie-flavoured gin which got lots of customers talking.

Although it’s a curious new flavour for the more adventurous shoppers, you’ll be wanting to know where to head for just a simple box of mince pies.

As always, remember to check elsewhere in case we missed a cheaper price – there’s never a bad time to catch a bargain.

Prices may vary day to day as well depending on what deals are on, so make sure you check, and look at delivery costs too if you’re ordering online.

There’s a handy comparison site – – which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and lets you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it’s cheaper.

Otherwise, let’s get into prices.


You can grab a pack of six mince pies from Tesco for £1.09 – or 18p each.

This is the price available online, but do factor in delivery costs if that’s where you’re buying from.

And remember Clubcard users might be able to get a cheaper price, although there doesn’t seem to be a deal on for these at the moment.

And if you are signed up, beware that you need to use your Tesco Clubcard delivery codes before the changes take effect on November 14.

At the moment, Tesco delivery saver codes are worth three times Clubcard vouchers for those who use the scheme, but from Monday, that will no longer be the case.

The Sun exclusively revealed in August that the vouchers will only be worth their face value when buying a delivery pass.


Aldi sells packs of six mince pies for £1.09 too – which is 18p each and a price match with Tesco.

But it’s good to note there’s a wide range of flavours on offer at the bargain supermarket after Aldi launched a popular new mince pie range last month.

The £1.09 pack is the cheapest range available online, but the selection of flavours on offer including almond, sloe gin and classic butter mince pies cost a little extra between £1.75 and £2.99 per pack.

That means they cost up to 50p individually.

Remember these are just the ones listed online – stock may be different in store.


Morrisons has its mince pies on shelves for £1.25 per six. That’s just over 20p each.

They don’t seem to be on offer at the moment online but keep an eye out as December rolls closer – prices may also differ if you visit stores.

Just search “Morrisons store locator” if you don’t know where your nearest branch is – you’ll want to save petrol and travel time where possible.


You can buy six Asda mince pies for £1.25 which equals to 20p each – so the same as Morrisons.

There’s also a luxury version of the pies on shelves if you fancy – six for £2.25 which is 37p each.

Just remember it’s not the cheapest on sale.


You can actually buy 12 mince pies for £1.99 at Lidl – double the amount in a pack compared to other supermarkets, and just under 17p each.

So if it were a box of six, that would only cost you £1.

However, the bargain brand does do a separate pack of six for £1.75 – so you might be better off grabbing the bigger box for a better deal.

It also sells a box of six Mr Kipling mince pies for £1.85.


The Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference mince pies are down on price this week – a pack of six will now cost you £1.75 when before it would set you back £2.25.

The current price works out as 29p per pie.

But it’s only the classic flavour which is cheaper – if you fancy the cherry rum and coconut mince pies, you’ll still need to fork out £2.25 for six.


The Iceland packs of six mince pies are currently unavailable online, so it’s worth calling up your local store first to ask whether they’re in stock.

You should also check the price – it may vary since there isn’t one on display on the website.

We also rounded up the cheapest Quality Street tubs to find this week – but always double-check whether there are new deals.

For other supermarket deals, make sure to read our roundup of advent calendars to choose which one you fancy this year.

And if you’re in the mood for trying new things, check out the new Greggs Christmas menu here.

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1 Comment

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