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Cheapest place to buy prosecco for New Year’s Eve this year – and it’s not Aldi or Asda

THE new year is around the corner – and many of us will be bringing in 2023 with a toast of bubbly.

Prosecco is a classic way to start a new year, so we’ve rounded up the cheapest shops to stock up ahead of December 31.

We round up the cheapest bottles of prosecco at the major supermarkets

Of course, keep in mind that prices can change in the run-up to New Year’s Eve as retailers battle it out for our cash.

Last year, supermarkets went head to head in the Christmas run-up to provide the cheapest boozy deals and this year is no different.

You should always shop around to see where you can find the best deals as prices can change at the last minute.

Below we round up the cheapest bottles of prosecco at all of the major supermarkets.

The below prices are accurate at the time of writing and based on what each supermarket has available online.

Just keep in mind that price comparison doesn’t take into account the quality or taste of the alcohol.

As always, if you’re enjoying a glass or two, remember to drink responsibly.

Tesco – £5.49

Tesco is offering prosecco for just £5.49, but you need to be a Clubcard member

Tesco is currently offering the cheapest prosecco in the major supermarkets.

It charges just £5.49 for a 75cl bottle of Bella Cucina Prosecco Frizzante with a 10.5% ABV, but this is only for Clubcard users.

If you’re planning a big party, you can get 25% off as long as you buy six bottles.

This offer is valid until December 4.

Sainsbury’s – £6

Sainsbury’s is currently selling prosecco for £6 per 75cl

Sainsbury’s is offering Prosecco Frizzante for just £6 per 75cl.

The ABV is 10.5% and you can get 25% off if you order six of them.

It’s had a mixed bag of reviews though, racking up a 3.2-star rating out of five.

Asda – £6.25

Asda follows Sainsbury’s by selling a bottle for £6.25

Asda is selling a 75cl bottle of Nice Drop prosecco for £6.25 on its website.

It’s also part of a “buy six, get 25% off” deal, meaning you can save if you’re hosting a larger party.

The bubbly has an ABV of 10.5.%.

Lidl – £6.49

You can get bubbly for £6.49 at Lidl this year

The discounter is selling 75cl bottles of Allini Prosecco Spumante for £6.49.

It has an ABV of 10.5% and is said to “match perfectly” with mozzarella bruschetta.

Lidl doesn’t offer online shopping though, so you’ll have to check in your nearest store.

Morrisons – £6.75

Morrisons is among the supermarkets offering 25% off if you order six bottles

Following Lidl closely, Morrisons is offering 75cl bottles of Sorso Prosecco Spumante for £6.75 – just 26p extra.

It has an ABV of 11% and is part of a “buy six, get 25% off” offer, similar to Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

The deal is available if you order by December 4 or as long as stocks last.

Iceland – £7

Iceland charges £7 for a bottle, making it second most expensive

Iceland isn’t offering among the cheapest bottles, with 75cl of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore setting you back £7.

It has an ABV of 11%.

It’s had a couple of five-star reviews online though, with one user saying they “highly recommend” it.

While another added: “I was given a bottle of this as a gift and opened it last night.

“It was properly AMAZING! Think I’ll stock up for the festive period…”

Aldi – £7.99

Aldi was found at the bottom of the price comparison

Surprisingly, Aldi’s bubbles are currently the most expensive compared to its rivals.

It’s listed a 75cl bottle of Prosecco Superiore on its website for £7.99, but it’s currently sold out online.

It has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 11% and a 4.8-star rating out of five on Aldi’s website.

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Plus, we tested 11 alternative sandwiches including Aldi and Starbucks.

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