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Cheapest shop to buy Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Heroes this week as supermarkets go head to head

WITH Christmas just around the corner, we’ve found the cheapest places you can buy the much-loved chocolate tubs.

Famous festive tubs such as Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street and Roses are already being grabbed by shoppers.

Celebrations has caused controversy this year after removing Bounty’s from the tub
Quality Street has changed its wrapping in a bid to be more sustainable
Roses tubs are also a festive favourite
Heroes tubs are popular chocolate choices

We’ve pulled together which shop is selling each tub for the cheapest this week so you can get the best deal.

Depending on whether you’re after two tubs or one determines the winner in some cases.

Some stores are selling singular tubs for much cheaper, but aren’t offering deals on two tub purchases, so it’s worth figuring out which deal is best for you.

Of course, prices will vary online and in-store and some offers are only on this week, so make sure you look around for the best price too.

Quality Street

Which deal is the best depends on how many tubs you’re hoping to buy.

Wilko and Sainsbury’s are selling one Quality Street tub for £3.50, but you can grab two for £7 at Wilko.

Morrisons and Asda are also offering two tubs for £7 but one tub will cost you £4.99 and £4 respectively.

If you have a Clubcard, then you’ll be able to grab a Quality Street tub at Tesco for £3.50, or £4 without.

While B&M is selling them for £4, Lidl £3.99 and we couldn’t find them online at Aldi.


The cheapest stores to buy a Roses tub is either Sainsbury’s or Tesco for £3.50 – Clubcard price only.

But like Quality Street, Morrisons is selling it’s £4.99 tubs for two for £7 and Asda is doing the same although you can get one Roses tub for just £4.

Lidl does have them for £3.99 while B&M appears to only be selling the limited edition Cath Kidston tubs for £8.99.

We couldn’t find Roses on the Aldi website either.


Sainsbury’s is currently selling Celebrations boxes for £3.50, down from £5 – this is the cheapest price for one tub.

If again, you were after double the amount, then your best bet is Asda, which is selling two £4 tubs for £7 or Wilko, which is selling two £5 tubs for £7 as well.

Morrisons is also selling £4.99 singular tubs for £7.

At Tesco, you can get a £4 tub for £3.50 if you have a Clubcard, or £3.99 at Aldi.

B&M is selling them for £5.

Celebrations don’t appear to be being sold on the Lidl website.


Last but not least are Heroes.

Sainsbury’s is selling one tub for £3.50 – this is the cheapest, closely followed by Lidl at £3.99.

However, like with the tubs above, Asda (£4), Morrisons (£4.99) and Tesco (£4) are giving shoppers the chance to get two tubs for £7.

We couldn’t see the tubs at Wilko, B&M or Aldi.

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If Quality Street is your preferred choice then you can grab a 2KG sharing pack at a reduced price for Black Friday.

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