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Cheapest shops to buy chocolate stocking fillers this week – with prices starting from 75p

WITH just says until Christmas, it’s now time to start snapping up bargain chocolate for stocking fillers.

We’ve found prices starting from just 75p, so you can snap up a bargains before December 25.

We’ve listed the cheapest places to buy Christmas chocolate stocking fillers from this week

We’ve compared prices but you should always shop around other supermarkets as prices change often.

You can use tools like Google Shopping to compare prices, or download the Latest Deals app to search items and find where they’re cheaper.

And if you’re browsing online and reckon your shopping could arrive before Christmas, don’t forget to factor in delivery costs.


Stop off at Morrisons if you’re looking for a few bars of chocolate to buy as a final gift for someone.

The supermarket is selling a 110g Cadbury Mini Snowballs Bar for just 75p in stores and online – you can find your nearest branch on the website.

To compare, the same 110g bar sells for £1 at Asda, Iceland, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and it used to cost £1 at Morrisons too.

But be quick if you want one – they might sell out faster since they’re reduced for the time being.

And make sure to only buy one if you feel you need it for Christmas – otherwise you’re not saving any money.


Bargain supermarket B&M always has discounted snacks and treats on offer – and we’ve found a few you might like for this week.

To start with, you can pick up a small 73g Maltesers selection box from stores for £1.

It includes a little bag of Maltesers and a Twix, Mars Bar and Milky Way.

Bigger boxes, like a 145g Cadbury Selection Box, costs £1.50 at B&M.

These include the following bars:

  • Double Decker
  • Wispa
  • Dairy Milk Little Bar
  • Crunchie
  • Fudge
  • Buttons

And if you shop elsewhere, Sainsbury’s for example charges £2 for the same box.


Although we already found a 145g Cadbury Selection Box for cheap at B&M, it’ll set you back even less if you buy it from Asda.

Instead of £1.50 – the original price at Asda too – you’d save 25p by paying £1.25.

Again, don’t waste any time – the price won’t be reduced forever.

And you can buy a little 89g version for 89p if you’d rather. One of these includes a:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Treatsize Buttons
  • Cadbury Treatsize Curly Wurly
  • Cadbury Fudge


Remember, if you shop at Tesco, you might be able to bag a few handy Clubcard deals as well.

For example, a 207g Maltesers & Friends Christmas Selection Box normally costs £3, but you save £1 if you use your Clubcard.

One of these includes:

  • One 37g bag of Maltesers
  • Two 19.5g bags of Maltesers
  • One Milky Way bar
  • One Twix bar
  • One Maltesers Reindeer
  • one 35g bag of Maltesers Teasers
  • One Mars bar

You’d need to pay £2.50 for this at Asda or £3 at Sainsbury’s.

Other Clubcard deals include the 145g Cadbury Medium Santa Selection Box priced at £1.25 – the same as Asda.

Without a Clubcard you’d need to pay £1.50.

You can also save 50p with your Clubcard if you buy a 139g M&M’s & Friends Christmas Selection Box – usually costing £2.

One of these includes:

  • One bag of M&M’s Peanut
  • One bag of M&M’s Crispy
  • One bag of M&M’s Chocolate Fun Size
  • One Mars Bar
  • One Twix Bar Fun Size


Aldi charges the same as Asda for its selection boxes – the cheapest we’ve seen for those sizes and types of boxes.

So, an 89g Cadbury Dairy Milk Small Chocolate Selection Pack only costs 89p.

As well, a 145g Cadbury Medium Santa Selection Box is £1.25.

It might be down to which supermarket is nearest for you – which you can find out when you search the relevant shop’s store locator.


If you’d rather head to Lidl, you’ll find the same 89g Cadbury Dairy Milk box for 89p too.

There’s also a deal on at the moment where you can pick up two 165g Reese’s selection boxes for £5.

Individually, they cost £2.99.

Inside you get a variety of Reese’s flavours, including the classic peanut butter cup, Reese’s White and Reese’s Overload.

At Sainsbury’s, one of these costs a whopping £4.50 – almost as much as two from Lidl.

We couldn’t see this one at Lidl, but you can pick up a 293g Ultimate Box from Asda for £5 – which includes three more packets inside.

Elsewhere, shoppers are rushing to buy an Aldi dupe that tastes “just like Lindt”.

Shoppers can get their hands on the supermarket’s Chocolate Assorted Truffles, which are supposedly a knock-off of Lindt’s famous chocolate balls. 

Aldi’s version costs £2.69 for a 200g bag and is currently in stock online – though do check in your local store too.

In comparison, Lindt’s assorted chocolate truffles are £10 on its own website, but for a 600g box. 

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