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Cheapest shop to buy Quality Street and Celebrations this week before Christmas

CHRISTMAS is just days away and if you haven’t bought them already, here’s where you can get the cheapest tubs of Quality Street and Celebrations.

They’re a festive staple – many of us will leave chocolate tubs dotted around the house for loved ones to pick at throughout the holiday.

Shoppers can still get tubs this week
Quality street tubs are going for £3.99 at Lidl

If you’ve not yet bought your tubs, or you have and they’ve already ran out, then here’s where you can get them the cheapest this week.

For Celebrations 650g tubs, the cheapest we can currently see is from Aldi, which is selling them online for £3.99.

That’s very closely followed by Asda which has them on sale for £4.

Then, Morrisons website has them for £4.99 and Sainsbury’s are selling them for £5 online.

The Tesco website said they’re out of stock and we therefore can’t see a price, but it’s worth checking store as it could well be cheaper than the ones above.

Some Tesco stores did previously have offers on for those with a Clubcard so it is always worth checking.

If you think you’ll get through a lot of Celebrations tubs this year, you might want to consider buying a 2.4kg tub from Amazon for £16.69 – currently 22% off it’s usual price.

In 650g tub terms, you’d need to buy four to get to 2.6kg to break even, slightly over the Amazon size.

The cheapest you could get four tubs for would be from Aldi currently – for £15.96 – slightly cheaper (and bigger!) than the Amazon box.

If you’re more of a Quality Street fan, then Lidl is your best bet, which is selling 600g tubs for £3.99.

Again, Asda closely follows with £4 while Sainsbury’s is selling tubs for £5.

Morrisons was also selling tubs for £4.99, but they’re sold out online, though do check in store.

Similarly to Celebrations tubs, the Tesco website is listing Quality Street tubs as sold out, but it’s worth checking in store.

Of course, prices in all stores may vary, so make sure you shop around first. 

Shoppers have been divided over Celebrations news this year, after the chocolate fave revealed it would be scrapping the controversial Bounty bar from its tubs.

People were split, with some saying it was the “best news ever” while others said they’d miss the coconut chocolate.

And last week, Mars, which produces Celebrations, announced that it will be launching its own variation of chocolate digestive biscuits.

The digestives will come in two flavours – milk chocolate and orange.

The new biscuits will roll out at Asda stores on December 29 and will cost £1.89 per 300g.

Likewise, Nestle announced Quality Street will axe its iconic brightly-coloured wrappers over 86 years since their release.

In a bid to become more environmentally-friendly, the treats are now being wrapped in a duller form of waxed paper, which is recyclable.

Only the two foil-covered sweets – the green triangle and orange crunch – will remain in their original packaging.

The new wrappers will be phased in until Christmas, and you may get a mix of old and new wrappers for now.

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