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Christmas adverts 2022: All the ads so far including John Lewis, Asda, Aldi and Lidl

CHRISTMAS is just weeks away and our TVs are being bombarded with festive adverts.

Over a dozen Xmas adverts have been released already.

All the adverts this year have fans excited for Christmas

Aldi’s festive advert sees the return of Kevin the carrot, while its competitor Lidl introduces a cuddly bear in its Christmas clip.

M&S sees French and Saunders transform into a fairy and raggedy dog toy called Duckie in their latest festive ad.

And John Lewis fans need to have the tissues at the ready for this year’s Christmas advert.

The 90-second ad follows a middle-aged foster dad as he struggles to master the skill of skateboarding while raising awareness of vulnerable children.

On a lighter note, Asda’s Christmas advert sees the return of Buddy the Elf, a whole 19 years after Will Ferrell played the character in the 2003 film Elf.

And Alison Hammond plays a fussy royal countess in this year’s Sainsbury’s festive advert.

But that’s not all as we’ve also summarised the Argos, Disney, JD Sports, McDonald’s, Morrisons, Shelter, Tesco, TK Maxx and Very festive clips.

You can now check out all the adverts that have made their way to our screens so far, and maybe grab a mince pie or two to enjoy while you watch your way through them all.


Aldi’s advert sees the return of Kevin the carrot

The advert, narrated by actor Jim Broadbent, is a nod to Christmas favourite Home Alone, which follows the human character Kevin battling burglars after being left alone when the rest of his family head abroad.

Of course, the advert features Home Alone’s famous soundtrack composed by John Williams, which is enough to tug at the heartstrings.

The supermarket advert features Kevin’s family – Katie, Baby, Jasper and Chantenay hurrying through a busy airport as they race to catch a flight to Paris. 

Before too long they realise that one family member is missing – Kevin – and they’ve left him at home.

It then jumps to Kevin watching football at home – a reference to the World Cup – before realising he’s been abandoned.

Mirroring the human character Kevin, the carrot is suddenly threatened by intruders at home and so he quickly devises a plan on how to stop them.

Kevin lays out traps across the house and successfully manages to chase away the burglars.

In an emotional ending, Kevin is reunited with his family at home, just in time for Christmas Day.


The new Argos Christmas ad celebrates the return of a chaotic Christmas

The advert opens on a home decked out with Christmas decorations, where a couple is quietly preparing for the big day.

The man says “so how many are coming”, to which his wife responds, “hmm just a few”, completely oblivious to the number of people about to descend on their home.

The scene cuts to a crowd of excitable neighbours wearing their festive glad rags and holding presents and champagne flutes chanting “party”.

Back in the house, the wine glasses, Christmas tree and bowl of crisps all start to shake as the soundtrack builds in volume, revealing an orchestral version of Opus’ Live is Life.

As the huge crowd approaches the couple look at each other wide-eyed in panic.

In the house, the couple takes deep breaths and the wife says “it’s going to be okay” just as the champagne from the crowd is popped.

A message then appears on screen: “They’re coming. Be ready.”

The doorbell then rings, and the Argos logo appears.


Asda’s 2022 Christmas ad sees the return of Buddy the Elf – 19 years after Will Ferrell played the character in the 2003 film Elf

The supermarket has partnered with Warner Bros to bring Buddy the elf back to our screens – a whole 19 years after the film Elf was released.

And Will Ferell didn’t have to film a single scene – but he did ensure that he had a say over the final product.

The festive ad opens with a loving homage to Elf’s iconic “street crossing” scene in front of an Asda superstore blanketed in snow.

All scenes containing Buddy come from the original film and have magically been stitched together inviting the Elf to the wonders held inside one of Asda’s superstores.

But this time, instead of the character walking into a New York City yellow cab – Buddy runs into a train of Asda shopping trolleys which crash into him.

The premise of the advert revolves around Will Ferrells’ character starting a trial shift as an Asda shop floor worker.

The 90-second clip sees Buddy obsess over Asda’s selection of Christmas foods on offer including icing sugar-dusted mince pies and maple pigs in blankets.

which sees Buddy take over the store’s tannoy system in a hilarious fashion.

But it doesn’t stop there. When the store closes and Buddy decks out the entire shop floor in fairy lights and festive decorations – just like in the original film.

And on the following morning and to his delight he’s offered the job.

The advert’s music keeps it classy throughout and features the classic Sinatra redefinition of Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town.


The Disney Christmas advert is sure to leave you feeling festive

Disney’s “The Gift” is a powerful story about family togetherness and this time preparing for Christmas and the arrival of a new baby.

The animated ad will act as the final instalment of Disney’s “From Our Family To Yours” festive shorts.

“The Gift” is the sequel to last year’s second part of the series – “The Stepdad”.

At the heart of the story is a beloved glow-in-the-dark Mickey Mouse soft toy, which connects both past, present and future.

Whilst the elder brother, Max is first shown giving Ella the Mickey Mouse to comfort her at night, Ella then gifts the soft toy to her newborn sibling at their first meeting, welcoming them to the family.

The soundtrack featured in the ad is performed by Jessica Darrow who was featured in the animation studios’ Oscar-winning 2021 film Encanto.

JD Sports

Fans are raving about the 2022 JD Sports advert

JD Sports has brought an advert out which features 32 young celebrities playing games and having fun in an arcade – and people are raving about it on social media.

The advert, called King Of The Game, follows a host of famous icons from Anthony Joshua to KSI playing games in an arcade – competing with each other and pushing the message of being “king of the game.”

We’ve listed all the celebrities included in the advert.

John Lewis

The 90-second ad follows a middle-aged man as he struggles to master the skill of skateboarding

John Lewislatest festive event explores the foster care system and seeks to raise awareness of vulnerable children around the UK – set to a cover of Blink 182’s All The Small Things by US singer Mike Geier.

In the new 90-second clip, a middle-aged man struggles to master the skill of skateboarding, taking a few falls along the way.

But before long we see a social worker standing at his front door with teenager Ellie, who is waiting anxiously to enter her new foster home, with a skateboard in her hand.

It ends by saying: “Over 108,000 children in the UK are in the care system.

“We’re making a long-term commitment to support the futures of young people from care.” 

The John Lewis Christmas ad is widely considered the major advertising event of the year – and signals that the run up to the festive season has begun


The Lidl Christmas ad features an adorable teddy bear

The advert stars an adorable cuddly bear, but your kids are bound to be gutted as they can’t have him for themselves.

Lidl Bear’s story begins when a dad accidentally shrinks his Lidl jumper in the wash.

His young daughter has the idea of putting it on her teddy bear, and, just like that, a star is born.

The bear finds fame in the aisles of Lidl before becoming the expressionless face of the supermarket’s advertising campaign.

It experiences the highs and lows of fame at Christmas, all while the little girl continues to miss her toy.

The world around Lidl Bear goes crazy in its attempts to make a little stuffed toy a celebrity, but the teddy remains poker-faced.

After a Christmas wish, the bear returns home to be with its family as they tuck into the festive food range available at Lidl this year.

Eagle-eyed Brits may have already spotted Lidl Bear popping up across the country on TV, in newspapers, and on social media, as the star of this year’s show has been teased ahead of its “paw-fficial” premiere.


Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders come to life in this year’s M&S Christmas ad

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas advert features the iconic comedy duo French and Saunders.

It opens with Dawn French, reprising her role as Fairy from last year’s ad, on top of a Christmas tree in a cosy home.

She leaves her perch in search of a “little friend”, heads to Wylie the dog’s basket and brings to life a tattered old chew toy.

Duckie, voiced by Jennifer Saunders, is then chased by Wylie and Fairy uses her magic to help Duckie fly.

Fairy brings the downtrodden Duckie some “festive cheer” as they embark on an exploration of Christmas dishes on display on the dining table.

This showcases some of what’s on offer in M&S festive menu for 2022.


The McDonald’s annual festive advert reminds viewers of the ‘little moments’ this Christmas.

The fast food giant’s latest ad features Alfie, a little boy overlooking a father and daughter playing together on a bike. 

Alfie’s mum suggests he begins making his Christmas wish list and he gets to work right away. 

He’s busy getting carried away with the excitement of an ever-growing Christmas list – and she’s busy trying to make sure all the preparations are ticked off her mental list.

Before too long, Alfie’s very long wish list spreads around the entire house reminding viewers that we often focus on the material things during the festive period.

But while Alfie and his parents are walking to post his letter to Father Christmas, a gust of wind blows the list away. 

To comfort her distraught son, Alfie’s mum suggests they eat at McDonald’s which reminds them that at Christmas, it’s the little things that mean the most.

After leaving the restaurant, Alfie’s parents ask what was on his list and he takes out one final section he was left with – a drawing of him and his family. 


The Morrisons ad is on brand, but it misses the mark

Morrisons brought back its festive hero – Farmer Christmas in its cheery offering.

It features Morrisons staff as elves and Farmer Christmas arriving on a tractor instead of a sleigh.

Farmer Christmas can be seen travelling across the fields to the festive workshop where the ‘elves’ are preparing food sold by Morrisons.

The ad finishes with Farmer Christmas proudly explaining that Morrisons is the “only supermarket to be officially approved by me” because of its commitment to British farming, its food makers and its great value Christmas products.


Alison Hammond plays a fussy royal countess in this year’s Sainsbury’s festive ad

The video opens with a view of a castle as a dragon flies by, viewers then hear the iconic voice of Stephen Fry who says: “In a far, far away land, a feast was being planned.”

Cutting to the banquet hall, it kicks off with Alison as a fussy countess selecting food for the meal.

A selection of festive food is happily received, from Sainsbury’s crab thermidor crumpets to cider glazed gammon.

When a nervous-looking young chef offers up a traditional Christmas pudding, The Countess dismissively says: “I’ve never really liked Christmas pudding”.

She blows out the pudding’s flame and is met with gasps from onlookers, and then orders the cook to “Bring me something different. Or else.” 

The hit Wheatus tune Teenage Dirtbag begins playing with a medieval remix as the cook works through the night to come up with a new idea.

Back in the main hall, The Countess announces “treaty time” and is presented with the new creation, a Taste the Difference caramelised biscuit Christmas pudding.

After a forkful and a moment of pause, The Countess asks: “Is that caramelised biscuit?”

She then says “mmm…that’s a bit of me” and breaks into laughter.


Shelter released a gut-wrenching Christmas advert to highlight the issues of homelessness this year.

The advert is named “Brave Face” and sees viewers watch a young boy on a typical day at school.

The boy receives bad grades, misses out on pudding at lunchtime and misses a goal at football practice.

And no matter how bad his day got, the little boy keeps smiling.

But once the school day ends, the youngster heads home and it‘s only then we realise that he and his mother don’t have a family home.

Instead, viewers learn that the pair will be spending their Christmas in a dingy and noisy bedsit.

The advert then finished with the quote: “No child should have to put on a brave face.

“But without a home, over 119,500 children do.”


Tesco’s advert features carol singers bearing some of the delectable items on offer

The supermarket’s advert opens on the snowy landscapes of Britain, as the narrator informs us that Tesco has formed “The Christmas Party” because there’s a joy shortage.

As the Christmas Party moves through the streets and visits families across the UK, viewers catch a glimpse of some of the best festive food moments.

From mince pies to pigs in blankets, delicious desserts to party food and more – Tesco’s advert takes a product-heavy approach.

And throughout the advert, Tesco highlights the affordability of its festive grub.

These offers include Christmas dinner for five under £25 and three for the price of two on party food.

The supermarket’s “Finest Mince Pies” cost £1.12, and Tesco showcases the 16 varieties of pigs in blankets in its range.

TK Maxx

The TK Maxx Christmas ad is quirky but slightly bizarre

It tells the story of Sam, who completely nails her Christmas present buying by hitting the tills at – where else   – TK Maxx.

We meet Sam as her father congratulates her for all the incredible presents, she bought and asks how she did it. Sam simply said: “Just went to TK Maxx.”

The soundtrack for the advert is ­Cerrone’s 1977 hit Supernature and it will get stuck in your head.


This sassy Very advert is scored by universally loved Christmas classic I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

The sassy 40-second film features a mum enjoying her Christmas celebrations with friends, family and even work pals.

At the start of the ad, the mum said: “Christmas isn’t just one day, it’s lots of days.”

We then follow the family as they celebrate a “birthday Christmas”, “kid-free Christmas” and “work Christmas”.

It is soundtracked by Wizzard’s universally loved Christmas classic I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.

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