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Warning as booze-laden food at Christmas dinner could push drivers over alcohol limit

BOOZE-laden food at Christmas dinner will push unwary drivers over the legal limit, an investigation reveals.

Many festive treats contain more alcohol than people realise, the figures show.

Drivers are at risk of going over the alcohol limit due to boozy Christmas food

Some supermarket puds contain up to 30 per cent — the equivalent of a glass of wine or pint of beer.

Sherry trifle, Christmas pudding, a Bloody Mary prawn cocktail and even red wine gravy are surprisingly boozy.

Anyone eating all of them would have consumed 5.7 units of alcohol — the limit for driving is about four.

The risk is higher for those who also have just a single wine or beer thinking it will be OK.

Insurance group Motor-Easy, which did the study, said: “It’s better to avoid all alcohol.

“But having an idea of how much booze is in some Christmas favourites can be important.”

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