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The simple luggage mistake you’re making at the airport when travelling during Christmas – and it could ruin your hols

PASSENGERS flying for Christmas this year have been warned about a rule that could lead to lengthy delays at airports and may even ruin a few surprises.

One festive traveller was lucky enough to come across a kind security guard who went out of their way to avoid a Christmas disappointment, but not everyone will be so fortuitous.

Julia’s gift was unwrapped and then re-wrapped by airport security guards

Julia Ann Morris (@juliaannmorris) was travelling with a present she had received from her mother so she could open it when she got home on Christmas day.

However, security staff frequently have to unwrap presents, as was the case with Julia, because it isn’t always clear what’s inside them.

Fortunately on this occasion, the airport security staff were kind enough to unwrap the present carefully and check what was inside, before even re-wrapping it to avoid ruining the gift.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: “Shout out the the TSA guy that stopped my bag, had to open a gift my mom gave me for Christmas to inspect it, and then wrapped it back up so it would still be a surprise.”

But if you’re travelling with a lot of wrapped presents, the security guards won’t have the time or patience to do that over and over again.

Also, if they have to open every single one of them, you could be in for a lengthy delay, while you wait for each package to be checked.

With strikes and weather causing problems for passengers already this winter, it could be the difference between you getting on your plane, or missing it.

That’s why it’s always best to avoid travelling with wrapped presents if possible, just in case.

Presents aren’t the only festive things that could get you in trouble at airport security either.

Some airlines will let you take your turkey on the plane with you, but you will have to enjoy it without sauce – unless you managed to find a jar of it that was less than 100ml to abide by the liquid rules.

Jams, honey and syrups are also classified as liquids, so festive condiments like cranberry sauce are likely to be taken off you at the gate.

Some airlines will allow you to bring a sealed box of Christmas crackers on the plane, but because they contain a tiny amount of gunpowder, most will ask you to check them in with your luggage.

To avoid disappointment and make sure you get to keep your cringe-worthy festive jokes, leave them out of your hand luggage.

This is also the same for party poppers which can’t be in hand luggage or checked luggage.

Anyone packing camembert for a festive cheese board is also likely to be stopped at the airport security desk.

Due to its consistency, this popular French cheese is banned from the inside of a plane cabin.

The cheese can turn from a solid into liquid mid-way through the flight, which could see you in trouble for breaching the 100ml liquid limit for carry-on.

Meanwhile, this passenger was forced to take drastic measures to get an item on a plane in his hand luggage.

And this man was filmed hilariously trying to get his bag into a hand luggage size checker.

Some festive items can cause delays at airport security, including presents and sauces

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