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Coin collectors are rushing to buy rare 50p coin worth £100 that could be in your spare change

CHECK down sofas and in pockets and purses for a rare 50p coin that could get you £100. 

Commemorative coins celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement were released earlier this year.

50 Years of Pride 2022 UK 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

The design, which includes the Pride progression flag, is inscribed with the words protest, visibility, unity, and equality in rainbows.

The 50ps were released in both brilliant silver and brilliant silver coloured and could fetch you a pretty penny online.

There’s a slight catch though, these coins could be relatively rare to find in your wallet as they are uncirculated.

Decorative coins aren’t classed as legal tender, which means shops don’t have to accept them. 

But, the 50ps are identical in size, shape and weight to UK denominations – people could easily mistake them for normal coins. 

So do keep an eye out in spare change, down sides of sofas, in pockets and purses as the coin could still fall into your hands. 

What’s more, in October 5million of the Pride coins did enter circulation.

This means you could still find one of these in your change.

Since then the 50p has climbed 23 places in the Change Checker scarcity index – meaning its even more valuable than when it first came out.

Change Checker tracks which rare coins and valuable notes are worth the most.

Both circulated and uncirculated Pride coins like this are just what collectors are looking for.

We had a look at the eBay listings for one of the uncirculated coins and found that one had sold for £117 on November 27.

Although it technically hasn’t been in circulation, there’s nothing to stop others making their way to your pocket.

We also found a circulated coin for that had sold for £5.99 on November 28, so even you don’t find a special one you could still sell a more common one for 12x its value.

If you do find yourself in possession of a similar coin, you could check out how others have sold similar commemorative pieces on sites like eBay too.

But remember that on eBay a buyer could pull out, which means the coin won’t have sold for the price it appears to have.

Online tools from change experts like Coin Hunter are helpful to see how much it could be worth as well and you can also refer to Change Checker’s latest scarcity index update to see which coins are topping the charts.

Special 50p coins aren’t the only big-wins you could find in your piggy bank, we’ve listed the rarest 10ps here.

And, here is a round-up of all the most valuable coins in Britain.

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1 Comment

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