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Pride 50p: how much is it worth?

CHECKING your change before you stash it in your purse or wallet could leave you minted if you find an uncommon coin.

Rare coins can fetch considerably more than their face value if you sell them on – but you’ve got to spot one first.

Coin hunters who have spotted the 50 Years of Pride 50p coin in their change will want to know it’s worth.

The 50 years of Pride has gone up in demand

This is one of the newer unique edition coins in circulation, having been issued this year.

According to Change Checker, there are currently 5,000,000 in circulation, making it one of the less common 50p pieces in circulation.

But it’s ranked 21 on the site’s scarcity index, which is fairly low – 100 indicates the coin in the highest demand.

But it is still more valuable now than when it first came out.

For comparison, there are around 200 million 50ps in circulation in total.

So what’s this one potentially worth? We explain what you need to know.

How much is the 50 Years of Pride 50p worth?

Commemorative coins celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement were released earlier this year.

The design, which includes the Pride progression flag, is inscribed with the words protest, visibility, unity, and equality in rainbows.

This new coin was released into circulation via Post Offices across the UK in October.

It is the last design to enter general circulation featuring the portrait of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Designed by LGBTQ+ artist and activist Dominique Holmes, the coin’s design was unveiled to mark the milestone anniversary of the Pride movement.

The Pride coin is by no means the most rare and valuable 50p out there.

Far less common is the Kew Gardens 50p, which can sell for hundreds of pounds.

When we checked eBay, we spotted a coin that had seven bids and sold for £1.70 on December 2.

The Sun also spotted another of the coins that had sold for £2.20, with two bids, on December 3.

But if you’re hoping to make big bucks, you will likely need to hold out for a coin that’s in higher demand.

What to know about rare coins

If you find an unusual coin in your change, it’s worth checking to see whether it could make your a mint.

Sites like Change Checker can give you an idea of how rare your coin is, and you can also speak to experts at Coin Hunter or the Royal Mint

Check eBbay listings to find out how in demand the coin in, and how much you’re likely to make from it.

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that a coin will not always sell for the amount it’s listed for, so you should check completed auctions and look for how many bids were made.

Watch out for fakes too – if in doubt, an expert can help you work out if a coin is the real deal or not.

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