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I’m a cruise worker – here’s how much we pay for drinks on board while passengers are charged a fortune

A CRUISE worker has revealed the prices staff pay for drinks on board ships, while guests are charged much more.

With passengers on cruise ships a captive audience, companies can increase prices at their bars.

Drew revealed how much he pays for drinks when working on board cruise ships

However, staff members are only required to pay a fraction of the cost for their booze, with huge discounts allowing them to have a much cheaper night out.

One cruise worker and Tiktoker Drew Boudreau (@drewboudreau) revealed how much he pays for drinks on board compared to the “out of this world” prices he would see passengers pay.

In a video on Tiktok, he said: “Here’s something fun they don’t tell you about working on cruise ships – and I mean fun. Liquor is unbelievably cheap for the crew.

“For passengers it’s like out of this world, but if you work on a cruise ship, it’s the opposite.

“When I was stage managing for a big cruise line, I would go to the crew bar and a beer was 75 cents (62p) and a cocktail was $1.25 (£1).”

Drew suggested that he paid a tenth of what the cruise guests were forking out, which he said allowed crew members to develop a real “sense of comradery”.

He added: “You buy 10 beers for your buddies, you’re out $10 (£8.28) instead of $100 (£82).

“Because it’s a party, they can charge people whatever they want for drinks, and they’ll pay.”

The video has been seen more than 376,000 times and Drew’s revelation unsurprisingly led to a lot of people saying they wanted to work on board a cruise liner.

One said: “Cocktails for a dollar! I would drink at least 40 on a normal night.”

Those people might not have to work on a cruise to get the benefits of staff members, as long as they can make friends with people who work on board the ships.

Musician Bryan James performs on board the Wonder of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean vessel, and regularly shares images from the below deck places that are off limits to guests.

Recently, he explained some of the perks staff on board the ships get, including heavily discounted travel for friends and family.

For as little as £35 a day, he is able to bring people on board the ship and they have access to everything on board.

In a video, Bryan ( “A little known fact – crew members can sign anybody they want onto the cruise ship for practically free.

“I just signed my parents and my friend Jeremiah on last week.

“All you have to do is pay $40 (£35) a day and you can stay on the ship as long as you want and do whatever you want.

“It’s kinda like buddy passes for airlines, except it’s unlimited.

“This is one of the best perks of working for a cruise line because you can bring your friends with you pretty much anywhere on the planet.

“Once you’re on the ship, everything is completely free, including your food and your shows.”

Meanwhile, this cruise worker revealed what the crew bars looked like on board the ship he worked on.

And a musician working on a cruise revealed just how small his cabin is.

Guests can sometimes pay up to ten times more than staff for their drinks

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