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I’m a flight attendant and here is the real reason we look at your boarding pass when you enter the plane

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the real reason airline staff check your boarding pass when you enter the plane.

Sarah Goodwin, a cabin crew member for Virgin Australia, spilled the beans about what those final checks really mean.

A cabin crew member for Virgin Australia spilled the beans about what those final checks really mean

The air hostess, from Perth, says: “When we’re looking at your boarding passes, we are not looking for your seat number.”

“We are actually looking for the destination, your flight number and the date.”

Cabin crew members run these checks to see if passengers are on the correct flight.

In a viral social media video, which has since been removed, she explained that she sometimes calls back holidaymakers who flash past flight attendants.

As reported by, Sarah said: “I’m like, ‘no no no, I’m actually not looking where you’re seated.”

“Yes, sometimes I will say, ‘This is where you’re seated’, but I do that because people are always like ‘where am I sitting?’”

Despite passengers worrying over their seats, Sarah is making sure no one ends up at the wrong destination on the other end.

“Yes, and people think that it can’t happen but it definitely does.”

Earlier this year, a passenger boarded the wrong flight, ending up 1,304 miles in the wrong direction.

And a gran had to pay £9000 extra after getting on the wrong plane and landing in the wrong country.

Sun Online Travel’s resident flight attendant blogger recently revealed more secrets in the skies.

They explained that they have favourite passengers on board who they’d save in an emergency.

They said: “Ultimately for me, the pre-flight safety demonstration is just a part of our job and sometimes we just have to go through the motions, but I can always tell who isn’t listening.”

“I can imagine it being like a singer on stage and no one’s listening to me. But we have to do it, it’s a safety aspect and it’s for your benefit.”

“Of course, it’s nothing personal, it just means we might have our favourites when it comes to potentially saving lives on board.”

“People that are paying attention will know what to do and we might favour them as opposed to the guys who aren’t paying attention.”

Flight attendants have lots of secrets, but they’re also banned from doing three things on a plane.

Cabin Crew members run these checks to see if passengers are on the correct flight.

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