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Cabin crew reveal weird secret about plane coffee & it’ll make some people furious

THERE are several reasons why ordering a coffee on a plane might not be the best idea.

It’ll make you more dehydrated than normal because of the dry air in the plane’s cabin, and the tank used to store the water on the plane is rarely cleaned.

The coffee you order on a plane might not be as it seems

Plus, it turns out the traditional reason for drinking coffee – the caffeine boost – might not even exist.

Cabin crew blogger Up Up and a Gay said: “You didn’t seriously think if you asked for regular coffee on a plane you were getting caffeinated coffee.

“Would you give 50-70 people regular coffee if you were stuck in a metal tube with them for over 3 hours?”

The blogger’s claims were backed up by a report from NBC, taken from flight attendants’ testimony.

It states: “Many flight attendants brew only decaffeinated coffee. Are they concerned about your jangled nerves? Not particularly.

“It’s just that they’d rather have sleeping passengers than a hyperactive crowd any day. I am not condoning it; I’m just saying it happens.”

It turns out that passengers being awake isn’t the only thing that annoys cabin crew members about coffee orders.

One flight attendant said the very act of ordering the drink can be irritating in itself.

Madeleine Doyle, a 20-year veteran flight crew member explained why the drink annoys them the most when a passenger requests it.

She told Thrillist: “We all hate serving coffee – I’m not sure why this is such a thing for flight attendants, but it is.

“For all the things that set flight attendants off, it’s passengers changing their minds about how they take their coffee.

“First they say they want it black, so we hand it to them black. Then they say, no, they want cream and sugar.

“It’s all bad coffee anyway, what does it matter how you take it?”

The coffee round does have certain perks though – a former airline employee has revealed that they sometimes hang coffee filter bags in the cabin, for a rather disgusting reason.

They wrote on Reddit: “Ex-airline employee here. We’d often have someone on board with terrible body odour.

“You can set a hotter temperature on one end of the cabin so it localises the smell to one part of the plane.

“If you see coffee filter bags hanging anywhere, it’s because someone smells horrible somewhere on the plane.”

Meanwhile, this passenger revealed a “hack” to get three drinks with one order on a plane.

And this frequent traveller revealed the drinks he never orders if he wants to stay comfortable on board a plane.

Some flight attendants confirmed that they would only serve decaf to passengers

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