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I used to be a flight attendant – passengers all make the same mistake with their travel pillows

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the big mistake passengers when boarding with their travel pillow.

It could even make your long-haul flight much harder when trying to sleep.

A former flight attendant has shared her top tips – and said there is a big travel pillow mistake you’re making (stock image)

Tiffany Hawk worked on more than 100 international flights during her career, serving passengers in both first class and economy.

She recently shared some of her top tips for people travelling on a long flight – and explained the big travel pillow mistake.

She told Business Insider: “Some people swear by those classic U-shaped neck pillows, and my daughter actually loves hers. 

“But more often than not, I’ve seen passengers schlep them all over the world only to hang them up on the plane after finding them uncomfortable.”

Instead, Tiffany said you should test it before you travel to avoid taking a ‘dud’ version.

She explained: “Before you burden yourself with such a bulky addition to your carry-on, test the pillow at home to make sure it’s a good fit.”

Travel pillows can make a big difference on flights when trying to sleep, as they offer neck support when sitting in an uncomfortable economy seat.

We’ve rounded up some of the best travel pillows in the world, including a £17 memory foam version which flight attendants swear by.

The Dot & Dot Travel Pillow is a memory foam neck pillow that clips together around a passenger’s neck and is fully adjustable to be twisted and shaped into a range of positions to help you get comfy so you can sleep.

Another travel pillow is often called the “best in the world” and it is currently on sale.

The Trtl travel pillow is currently on offer via the Trtl website where it has 15 per cent off – and is perfect for a last minute Christmas gift.

The reason the pillow is so popular with travellers is because of its unique design that is more comfortable than standard neck pillows with hidden internal support that keeps your head upright while sleeping.

Yet you may be shocked to realize that you have been wearing your travel pillow wrong.

TikTok user Sidneyraz, often posts hacks and tricks he “wishes he knew before his 30s” – and said that the pillow should be worn back to front.

He said: “Travel pillows go in front. I’m so comfy [and] you can actually sleep on a flight.”

If you don’t want to drag one on the plane, a sleep expert has revealed how to make a comfy travel pillow out of just a jumper.

And here’s how to sleep on a long-haul flight, according to experts.

Travel pillows can make long-haul flights much easier – if you wear them right

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