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Genius travel hack to create your own TV screen on an airplane – and all you need is a bit of rubbish

THIS is the genius travel hack that you can use to create your own TV screen on an airplane – and all you need is a bit of rubbish.

It’s the perfect trick if you want to enjoy Netflix, but don’t want to spend the entire flight holding your phone.

This simple trick helps you make your own TV screen on a plane – with a piece of rubbish
The travel tip makes for handy viewing

All you need is a piece of trash – like an empty chippies packet – and of course your phone.

What you do is pop your phone case off and place the bottom of the chippie packet into it.

Then, place your phone back into the case – essentially trapping the packet in between the two items.

Now, drop down the tray table attached to the seat in front of you.

Lay about half of the chippie packet on the end of the tray and carefully keep hold of it while folding the tray back up.

Secure the tray using the sliding bolt, and it’s all in place.

Now you have your own TV screen, so you can watch whatever you like on your device with a landscape view.

The travel tip, which makes for perfect hands-free viewing, was shared to Instagram.

A similar hack to create a TV screen was revealed recently – except using a sickness bag.

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The tip makes for perfect hands-free viewing

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1 Comment

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