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Hidden home sells for £100,000 over its asking price – but can you spot it in the undergrowth?

A HIDDEN home has sold for £100,000 over its asking price – even though to-be buyers would have struggled to find it.

The house had been left empty for years, seeing nature take its course and undergrowth take over.

A house has sold for more than £100,000 over its asking price – but can you see it?
The Kent property remained empty for years and nature took its course

And nature took over so much the house was seemingly hidden and near impossible to spot from the street.

The four-storey Kent property, which is known locally as the Cuckoo’s Nest, had an asking price of £220-240,000 when it hit the market.

But the home has now been snapped up for more than £100,000 more than that.

It sold for £351,250 at auction.

While the buyer has a big job on their hands, they’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to location.

The home is in Margate, a town which has just knocked Ibiza off its pole position as the global party capital and socialite hotspot.

Meanwhile, another home that was covered by a jungle recently sold for double its price estimate.

Plus, the three-bedroom Wales property was one of the cheapest on the market when it was listed for £32,000.

And while hidden homes are not awfully common, hidden features in houses are.

This week it was revealed how a bungalow in a street dubbed ‘millionaire’s row’ has an incredible hidden feature that makes it a homeowner’s dream.

The luxury pad is currently up for sale for £1.25million and pictures from inside reveal its special hidden feature.

But, the hidden features aren’t always nice surprises.

A couple were stunned to find a secret room in their basement – but it had an extremely creepy feature.

Carolyn and Steven Sparks didn’t even know their East Sussex home had a basement until they started looking at renovating recently, and what they found was haunting.

Sparks’ creepy find comes not long after an American couple discovered something strange beneath their floorboards.

Another Brit couple made a luckier find – which will make them Â£250,000 richer.

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