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Four simple tips to keep appliances running efficiently to cut down bills

KEEP your appliances running efficiently to cut down bills.

Kettles clogged with limescale or washing machines with full filters have to work harder and therefore cost more to run.

You don’t always need to buy specialist products to keep appliances problem-free

Follow these simple tips to keep things ticking along smoothly — and check out these good-value buys . . 

SCALE AND FLOURISH: Descaling your appliances is essential. Oust all-purpose descaler will sort out your kettle, iron or coffee machine. The best price is £1.10 for a three-pack at Tesco.

For a DIY approach, half-fill your kettle with water and 20ml of white wine vinegar. Leave it to sit for 15 minutes before boiling the kettle.

Tip it out, rinse and boil again with fresh water. Tip that away once more before using as normal.

APPLY A FILTER: You don’t always need to buy specialist products to keep appliances problem-free.

Regular checks, such as following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to check the filter on your washing machine or vacuum cleaner, are essential to ensure appliances aren’t working harder than necessary — and costing you more.

If you’re using a tumble dryer, clean out the filter after every use.

HOT TIP: Keep washing machines and dishwashers clear of bacteria by running them empty on their hottest setting now and again.

If you’d prefer to use a product to do the job, try the three-for-£5 offer at Wilko, where you can get washing machine cleaner, £2, and dishwasher cleaner, £2.25.

GOOD TO GRILL: For a shiny oven, Astonish anti-bacterial oven and grill specialist cleaner will do the job, down from £4 to £3 at Sainsbury’s.

The Astonish website ( is packed with cleaning tips, such as how to descale your shower head by filling a food storage bag with Astonish descaler.

Strap it over the shower head using an elastic band and leave it to work for 20 minutes.

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